Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Buzz Lightyear Family Tree

Last week I went to Walmart and I saw they had received a new Buzz Lightyear toy. Was I excited? No. Since “Toy Story 3” was announced, many licensed toys of Buzz Lightyear came out. Many where awesome. Others, not as awesome. Take a look at what I called “The Buzz Lightyear Family Tree.”

"Toy Story Collection Buzz L." at Toys Я us. Awesome, but pricey.
Disney Store's "Buzz L." and "Spanish Buzz L." I own one. I don't recommend this Buzz, he is poorly build and his face is very pale. Not awesome, but cheap.

Target's "Blast Off Buzz L." Just a regular Buzz figure with lights on its back. Nothing special.

This Buzz lights-up!... only on it's torso. "Power Up Buzz L." lights up, to make up for the fact that almost all Buzz L. figures don't glow in the dark. The toy was originally sold at Walmart, but now Target is the supplier. The UK version of this toy, Buzz has the blue utility belt and called "Turbo Glo Buzz L." (I'll buy it)

Walmart used to have "Power Up Buzz L.", now they have the new "Power Blaster Buzz L." Gee, what a difference. Very similar to "Power Up Buzz L.", but this one lights up only on his blaster. Includes a shield.
This is my 2003 "Galactic Defender Buzz L." He was purchased at Toys Я us. I can't believe I still have Buzz after 9 years. Toys don't last very long when you're a child.

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