Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Claw Master

                What many people don’t know about me is that when I was little, I was expert at the claw vending machine. My father used to own a super market and pizzeria; he got a claw vending machine for the pizzeria around ‘06. I was so impressed, and soon I mastered the claw. I remember emptying the machine each week and I waited for the guys that fill the machine to come. As soon they were finished, I started winning prizes. It wasn’t only in the pizzeria; it was everywhere there was a claw machine. I got many prices over the years, countless prizes. I was a master at the claw, but over the years my skill started to fade away. My last win, that I can remember, was a Miss Piggy doll in 2009. After that I started wasting my money trying to win prizes.
                The reason is because the claw is weak. If you got a weak and floppy claw, you don’t have the possibility of winning a price. A few months ago, I “won” a Tweety Bird from a Walmart claw machine. I don’t consider the Tweety Bird a “win” because it was leaning over the drop box and the claw just had to move it a little, so gravity can do the work. Anyone can do that.
                Today was a day I wish I had my skill back. Because I saw some stuffed animals that I really, really wanted. I saw three Fred Flintstones, two Barney Rubbles, a Waldorf, a Smurfette and a machine filled with lots of Annoying Oranges. I wanted a Flintstone doll scene childhood! I got annoyed at the machine because the dolls where either stuck, far away (the claw can drop it in the way to the drop box) or out of reach for the claw. I could take the chance and spend money trying to win it, but no thanks. I’m not willing to take the risk. Hope one day the dolls are leaning over the drop box, so I can get it like the Tweety Bird.
Talking Oranges!

A Fred Flintstone out of reach of the claw

Obama doll! Far left

Waldorf jammed between a bee and a cur

Fred, Barney and a Romney doll


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