Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Friendly Music Video

This video one off my favorite (yours too I hope). This was a project for my Video Production Class. The project was to create a professional music video.
                At first I wasn’t very excited because my plan was to team up with someone and edit their video. My teacher knows I made puppets and she said “Sammie, finally we can see a puppet video from you. I’m excited.” I was like “what to do, what to do…” and I was going to do a redo of “SuperCaliFra…” the Mary Poppins song. At the time I was collecting toys so I thought “You got a friend in me” would be a great idea.
 I got my little pink anything puppet and made two sets of clothes for him; regular and green screen. I also got two rods a painted them with about 15 layers of bright green spray paint. I cleaned my room and decorated it with my toys. I wish I could show you “behind the scenes” footage but, I don’t know how the original footage got deleted, forever.
If you have questions about the music video, let me know. I’ll try to reply ASAP.
Green Screen Clothes, plus rods and legs
Regular "Normal" Clothes
Green Rods, one rod in this shot

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