Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Julie & Julie

I am currently working on a short film. The short film is written by me and will include my puppets. The film plot is very simple, is about a young couple; Tred Luna and Julie Petunia. I rebuild Tred (my first puppet) and I redesigned Julie for the filmed. I used antron fleece for the skin.
I build the original Julie back in 2009. Later on I sold Julie to my former neighbor, Taylor Ellis. When Taylor and I started making home videos, Julie played the role of Taylor's girlfriend/wife. Julie would annoy the crap out of Taylor. I performed Julie and voiced her. 

Three years later,  I wrote a script, with a puppet girlfriend. My original idea for the girlfriend was a Lucy (from Ave. Q) and Marilyn Monroe combined. When I made the boyfriend Tred, Julie seemed like a good idea to be the girlfriend. I redesigned her completely, made her a Monroe dress and a good friend of mine is voicing her (a girl.) I am pleased with new Julie. Hope the audience likes her too.
Original Julie Petunia

Redesigned Julie
Building Julie, among other puppets for the short film.

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