Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Still Working on Puppets

Some people say that I quit working with puppets. That’s false. I am still working with puppets. I still build puppets. I get orders from people and I build their orders. Evidence, my last order of 2012 was a girl and a boy puppet.


  1. Hi, Pupepets! My name is Ben and I have a question that I would like to ask you. How did you make this Muppet? If you would, could you please at some point, give me steps on how to build a Muppet Replica like her?

    Thank you.

  2. 1) Make the mouth plate, then sculpt foam into a head and glued it to the mouth.
    2) Then cut a body pattern and sew it. (by hand or machine)
    3) Sew the arms using a sewing machine, then sew them to the side of the puppet.
    4) After sewing, glue the edge of the mouth (in the fabric pattern) into the rim of the mouth plate. Tip: Make sure the felt inside the mouth is glued before this step.
    Be creative

    The eyes are foam sheets felt and fleece. The hair is yarn and faux fur. The skin is fleece. I used 1/2 inch foam from Hancock Fabrics. Joann supplies 1/2 inch foam as well. I like using rubber cement and hot glue.


    1. Can you sell your Muppets after making them? If so, how much do you charge?