Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mickey's Iconic White Gloves

Recently a pair of gloves used by Disney characters at the Disney Parks sold on eBay for $300+ dollars. They were sold by Theme Park Connection, a company that sells items strait from the theme parks. Now I was very excited because I love Disney costumes/mascots, but I didn't a have a spare $300 dollars to buy them. The gloves are authentic, but I noticed some things with the gloves. This does not affect their value, but the buyer and everyone should know more about the gloves.

The magical white gloves, sold on eBay

When the item was listed up for bid, the description said the gloves belonged to, the one and only, Mickey Mouse and it came from the costume department during the 70's. First, the gloves aren't from the 70's. My guess is that the seller said this to protect the item from Disney Authorities. Back is the 70's, the Mickey costume was very simple and not that complex. He was a large rubber head with normal, modified clothes and regular gloves. His gloves were traditional marching band gloves, and 5 fingered. The four fingered gloves came later.

Mickey at the Magic Kingdom, July 1978 inacents.com

In the 1980's Mickey's costume had a total make-over; new head, new custom clothes and new four fingered gloves. Mickey had different variations of his four fingered gloves until the late 80's, which by then the gloves had reached their final form.

Mickey and his pals, early 80's disneymusings.blogspot.com

By 1990, Mickey's costume officially changed again, and that design is still used today. His gloves reached their final form by this point and that style (or pattern) of gloves is still used today by Mickey and others. Which brings me to my second point, the gloves aren't technically Mickey's. Also, if you notice on the pictured gloves, the left-hand glove is slightly bigger than the other. In other words, this is not a matching pair of gloves. Same style and pattern, but not a matching pair. This does not affect their value.

This is the left-hand glove, slightly bigger than the other.

This is the right-hand glove, standard size.

Like I said the gloves aren't technically Mickey's. Their is a number of Disney characters that uses this particular style of gloves: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Max (Goofy's son), Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, The 3 Little Pigs and other minor (and rare) characters. Their is no specific gloves for these characters, they all use the same gloves. You can't really tell who worm them, Mickey or Minnie? Goofy uses the same gloves, but slightly larger ones. This is because Goofy is physically larger than the others, so it makes scene that Goofy uses slightly larger gloves. Mystery solved.

It was really hard finding a picture comparing the gloves of Mickey and Goofy, so here you go. Hope this makes up for it. tickld.com

In conclusion, the gloves sold on eBay by Theme Park Connection are truly magical. The gloves came from the Disney Character Department, not from the 70's but from probably from the 90's, 2000's or 2010's. It makes scene that this is not a matching pair. The costume department is very strict about letting go items to employees and the public. Maybe Theme Park Connection got the gloves, one by one. They might have received one glove one day, and some time later, they got the other one. Goofy's and the standard gloves look and feel the same. The deference are minuscule and hard to catch without prior knowledge. Because this is not a matching pair, we can't say they're 100% Mickey's. One glove belongs to Goofy for sure, but the other might have been used by Mickey or one of Mickey's best pals. All of this facts does not decrease their market value at all.

I hope Theme Park Connection or someone else sells an other pair of Disney's iconic white gloves. I would love to own a pair of Disney character gloves. Disney most have a ton of gloves and a ton of retired gloves. Think about it; Disney has 5 theme parks around the world (and one being built in Shanghai, China), they have major cruise lines, a huge hotel in Hawaii, not to mention Disney on Ice and Disney Live shows touring across the globe. Plus they have been making the same style of gloves since 1990! That's a lot of character costumes and gloves. They must have a spare pair out there.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bert's Dancing Shoe

Boy, it's been a while.

I want to share something with the public. For 6 years, I have own a piece from one of my favorite streets, Sesame Street... Live! Yes, I have a prop or costume piece from Sesame Street Live. I received it in 2008, strait from VEE Corporation.

Since I was little, I was a huge Sesame Street Live fan. When I moved to the states, from Puerto Rico, I wrote a letter to VEE Corporation asking them questions about their Sesame Street costumes. Keep in mind at this point in my life I was 12 years old. In the letter I ask questions like "How does the mouth work?" "How does Big Bird work?" "Can I OWN a costume?" Again, I was 12. A few months later, they happily replied. They answered every question I wrote and sadly they told me I could not own a costume (sad face). But, they sent me a costume piece, Bert's shoe. Being a 12 year old I was super, duper happy! Even though it wasn't a whole costume, it was part of a costume. Plus it came from my favorite Sesame Street characters, Bert.

To sum things up, I din't buy it on eBay, or stole it; I got it from VEE Corporation, and I have the letter as evidence. I will not be posting the letter (because is to personal to me) but take my word for it. I don't have any plans to sell or trade Bert's shoe; so don't ask.

I will be posting pictures of Bert's shoe, so I can share my blessing with everyone. If you have any questions about the shoe, please let me know. Email sammy_puppeteer@hotmail.com

FIY: The reason they sent me Bert's shoe is because this particular shoe did not meet the performing standards. Meaning that the shoe was not flexible enough for the performer to dance. Instead of throwing it away, they gave it to a child, me.