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Minnie and I

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Clarabelle & Horace Through the Years 1972-Present

1972-1973: Disney on Parade
The earliest costume appearance of this Disney duo was on Disney on Parade. They appear along side Goofy, recreating their ballet scene from Orphan's Benefit (1941). Clarabelle has a pink face, with cartoon black eyes and blue tutu. Horace has a blue face, with cartoon black eyes, and wearing his caveman outfit from the cartoon. They both wear five fingered gloves.

Clarabelle and Horace on Disney on Parade, 1972

1974-1975: Fantasy on Parade
For this holiday parade, Clarabelle and Horace appeared in their black and white persona. Clarabelle wears a white and gray polka dot dress, with matching apron, a gray bow on her head and what appears to be white feet. Sometimes Clarabelle spotted normal black shoes. Horace has a big check to check grin and wears white overalls with a gray horse collar, black bowtie, white horse bit and gray bowler hat. They both have flesh color faces with black cartoon eyes and wear five fingered gloves. They only appeared on this parade and were not meet and greet characters.

Screenshot of Horace and Clarabelle in Fantasy on Parade, 1975. video

Screenshot of an unlisted video

1992-Present: Modern Clarabelle and Horace
Clarabelle made a come back appearance to celebrate Goofy's 60th anniversary. She was portraying Cleopatra in the parade "The World According to Goofy." After that Clarabelle started appearing with Daisy Duck in the Christmas parades until 1997. She debuted her trademark "Band Concert" outfit in 1998, celebrating Tokyo Disneyland's 15th anniversary. After that, she became a rare meet and greet character. Horace's earliest appearance was in 1998, along side Clarabelle and a Disney pig in Viva! Magic in Tokyo Disneyland. He appeared in his "Band Concert" uniform. Today, Horace makes cameos during the holidays and rarely appears to meet and greet guests. Both characters wear four fingered gloves, matching Goofy's gloves. 

What makes this couple very unique to me is their head construction. Unlike their other pals, Clarabelle and Horace's face is made out of exposed reticulated foam. This is a very common material in the mascot world, but usually in small portions. Their whole face is made out of foam, with painted and added features. This is curious to me because why Disney chooses to make their faces like this and not like the other heads? It doesn't look bad, but it just doesn't make scene to me.

The couple today, 2011. disneyparks.disney.go.com


  1. There's a new articulated clarabelle cow in the new magic kingdom castle show mickey's most merriest celebration today I wonder if they'all do an articulated Horace horse collar in the future

    1. Thank you for telling me! Wow. Clarabelle looks great! Better than the current one. Hopefully they'll make that version the meet n greet version too. Pluto looks good, but it doesn't make sense why make an articulated version of him. He just barks. They changed his tongue too, to a more realistic one. They also made talking versions of Jose and Panchito. Not really a big fan of them, but ok. Thanks again for sharing.