Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Disneyland Auction Part 2

Remember the iconic Disneyland auction that happened on February 2015? I do, I was there; here's the post. Well, Van Eaton Galleries had another Disneyland auction on November. Similar to the previous auction, but selling even more items and the left overs from the first one. I guess when Disney collectors found out that the first auction reached over $1 million, they decided it was time to part with their Disney treasures.

Sadly, I could'nt travel to L.A. to see the gallery in person, because of prior engagements, but I checked out the online auction catalog. My main Disney passion is the park's character costumes and sadly this auction didn't had anything that I would call "I need to go to Cali. to see this in person." The last auction had two vintage character heads and this one didn't. Although there wasn't anything worth my while, I saw two pieces that caught my eye. It was really one piece, but I'm going to talk about two particular pieces.

One was lot 483, a Disneyland Pluto collar from 2000. That's nothing special to me because Pluto collars constantly show up on eBay (and yet I'm unable to get one) and they sell for around $200-$300. Surprisingly, the collar sold for $1,000. I wouldn't pay one grand for a Pluto collar, even if it was the last Pluto collar on earth.

Now the piece that really grabbed my attention was lot 472, a Winnie the Pooh "Hunny" prop jar. The item description says that it's a prop from the Pooh ride at Disneyland. This jar is significant to me because it's a recycled prop, it was perviously used as the jar on top of vintage Pooh costume's head. It's a vintage costume piece! The only thing is that the jar has an added lid, but that's easily over looked. In the hopes that one day I'll own a vintage Pooh costume, I wanted to buy the jar, because if the Pooh costume is incomplete, I'll be able to complete it. The starting bid for the jar was $500 and being a college kid, that would really hurt my pocket, so I could'nt bid on the item. It didn't really matter if I bid or not because the jar sold for $2,750. I wish I had money blow on things like this. $2,750 is like two paid college semesters with books and a new Ipad. Hopefully the person who bought this expense jar is thinking like me and will use it to complete a Pooh costume, or really loves Pooh jars.

The "Hunny" jar sold on auction. icollector.com

Vintage Pooh costume with the "Hunny" jar. credit

Excuse me if I sound "ranty" over the Pooh jar, but I collect Disney costumes and even my most expensive and iconic costume piece didn't cost me nearly as much as this jar sold for. That's why if you're going to collect Disney costumes you must be careful where you do your shopping, because auctions like this, you'll end up paying big bucks for these items. And to be honest, I'll not worth the big bucks. 

Foot Note: 
The reason I say if a Pooh costume comes incomplete is because there's a lady that owns a Pooh costume and it's missing the jar. She has the costume on display in her home and to cover the hole where the jar is supposed to go, she uses a Pooh Santa hat. In my collecting fantasies, I figured that I would need the jar because if my future Pooh costume is like her's, I'll be able to have a full costume. On the other hand, she might have the jar and chooses not included on the costume display or she's the one who bought the jar. Who knows.

Vintage Pooh costume, property of Deb Hoffmann

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Seven Dwarfs Through the Years 1955- Present

1955-1959: Ice Capades Dwarfs
For the first few years of Disneyland, the seven dwarfs appeared. They mainly appeared in parades. The dwarfs costumes used at Disneyland were created and used by The Ice Capades. These dwarfs have unique features and individual looks. If you look at them, in a way, they're sort of cute and full of fantasy.

Dwarfs at the Ice Capades. These costumes were used at Disneyland. credit

1960-1969: Burlap Dwarfs
The Disney costume department has created their version of the seven dwarfs. They designed the dwarfs with big heads, big hats and small bodies. The dwarf's faces and beards were made out of fin rubber, giving them a bulky, wrinkly look. The faces look similar to halloween masks and the hats are almost look like over sized pillows. The hats have screens in the middle were the performer sees out off. The performers had no control over the dwarf's arms. The arms just hang there freely, letting gravity do the work. Since the performers have no control of the arms, they use the dwarf's facial features to give the dwarfs more life. They would wiggle the tongue or the nose. Dopey and Bashful had special features; Dopey could move his ears and Bashful could blink. Doc was able to move his glasses up and down.

The reason I call this era of dwarfs "Burlap Dwarfs" is because they look like scarecrows. They look like something a farmer would put together and place on a field. Typically, scarecrows are made out of burlap, burlap is a rough fabric and rough describes these dwarfs.

Snow White and the Burlap Dwarfs at Disneyland, 1963.

Dopey at the World's Fair, 1964. credit

Grumpy at Disneyland, 1966. credit

1968-1980: Disco Dwarfs
These dwarfs were created for Disney on Parade and later adopted by the Disney parks. The dwarfs were redesigned to have new heads with similar expressions as before, new hats, new wardrobe and new hands.  Their new wardrobe had unique color schemes and did not match the ones from the movie.

Doc: Orange hat, red shirt and blue pants
Grumpy: Lavender hat, orange shirt and red pants
Happy: Yellow-green hat, dark green shirt and brown pants
Sleepy: Fuchsia hat, orange-brown shirt and blue pants
Bashful: Red hat, indigo shirt and red/pink pants
Sneezy: Green hat, blue shirt and purple pants
Dopey: Purple hat, green shirt and pants

They all wore the same black rubber boots. The performer has now control of the hands. The dwarfs hands were plastic hands attached to sticks, with fixed gestures. Like before, the dwarfs have rubber beards. The hats are now pointy and made out of rubber or plastic, coved with fabric. I call these dwarfs "Disco Dwarfs" for two reasons. One, these dwarfs were used during the 70's and the 70's are know for the disco craze. Second, I needed to call them something friendly because the original name I was going to give them was "Cond*m-Head Dwarfs."

The Disco Dwarfs at Disneyland. credit

Odd thing: for the Main Street Electrical Parade 1970's run, the dwarfs appeared at the parade. What's odd about this is that they appeared with live hands and fur beards. Yeah, with live hands and fur beards. Why didn't Disney do this on the first place? I think this is a premeditated introduction for the next versions of the dwarfs.

Doc and the rest at Disney World, 1979. source

1980-Present: Modern Dwarfs
The dwarfs have are now completely redesigned. One of the most notable changes is that the dwarfs now have fur beards. Their bodies are redesigned to suit the performer. The performer's hands are now the character's hands. All of the dwarfs have unique, individual body shapes, like Doc has a muffin top and Happy is completely round. The heads are smaller and more comfrotable for the performer. The dwarfs lose their "disco hats" and get new hats that cover their entire head, minus the face. All of the hats rest with ease. When this new version of the dwarfs debuted, Bashful had a pointy hat, resembling the hat's point from the movie. This was latter removed for a standard hat.

The dwarfs also changed in facial futures and color schemes:
Doc: Orange hat, yellow-ornage shirt, blue pats and orange shoes
Grumpy: Purple hat, red shirt, brown pants and green shoes
Happy: Yellow-green hat, dark green shirt, dark brown pants and red shoes
Sleepy: Fuchsia hat, orange-brown shirt, teal pants and red shoes
Bashful: Turquoise hat, red shirt, blue pants and brown shoes 
Sneezy: Green hat, blue shirt, khaki pants and purple shoes
Dopey: Purple hat, green shirt and pants and brown shoes

Dwarfs at Disney World.

Doc, Grumpy, and Sneezy stayed with the same facial features as before. Happy also stayed the same, but with black eyebrows instead of white ones. Sleepy has sleepy, non-drowsy eyes, with bags under his eyes. Bashful has half closed eyes, which are similar to Sleepy's. Sometimes guests at the parks confuse Bashful for Sleepy and vise-versa. Dopey has a grin with the under lip sticking out. Giving him an over lip, or under lip. This Dopey was used until the mid 90's (can't find exact year.)

For the holiday season, all of the dwarfs wear green hats with ribbons and bells sewing into them. When Disney on ice uses the dwarfs on their shows, their color scheme changes to completely match the color scheme from the movie.

Bashful's hat, resembling to one from the movie; 1981. video

1990- Present: Dopey's Grin
Although I'm unable to pin point the correct year, around this time Dopey got a new smile. He now has an opened mouth smile, eliminating the previous one with the over lip. His hat is now shorter than before.

Dopey at Disney World, 2014. credit

2013- Present: Happiness Dwarf
One iconic scene from the movie is when Dopey is on Sneezy's shoulders and dances with Snow White. For Tokyo Disneyland's 30th anniversary parade "Happiness is Here," they made a special costume of Dopey on Sneezy's shoulders. The illusion works and looks really well. Sneezy has a happy expression on his face, instead of his regular expression. Sneezy also has a mechanism that makes his eyes move back and forth while the performer walks.

Sneezy and Dopey at Tokyo Disneyland, 2013. d23.com

2015- Present: Updated Dwarfs
A recent update has happened to the dwarfs. This new change is mainly their clothes. Their shirts are redesigned to have patches on the elbows, like they do in the movie. They also have rounded, stuffed cuffs, like Goofy. Their new shirt design is meant to keep the performer cool while in costume. The shirts have open vents on the sides. Everybody kept their color scheme epcept for Happy, which he got new orange sleeves. The dwarf's beards now go around their heads and underneath their hats, while Doc and Happy have beards made out a shorter fur pile and Happy now has white, fur eyebrows. The dwarfs heads (minus Dopey) have been re-designed on the inside to allow more movement from the performer. The heads used to rest on the performer's shoulders and now the can move with ease.

It's possible that this new rendition of the dwarfs are the new official costumes. They debuted at Disney World for Halloween 2015, with the previous costumes still in circulation. Maybe by the next year or two, these new dwarfs will be at all the parks.

The New Dwarfs at Disney World, 2015. source

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm an Indigo

This post is an open letter about me to everyone. At the same time this letter is not for everyone, so if you don't get, it's probably not meant for you.

Before continuing with the letter, there's going to be a delay on the "Through the Years" posts. I'm currently writing one about the seven dwarfs, but I'm struggling to finish it. Upon a request, there will be one about Dumbo and one about the Winnie the Pooh characters in the near future.

Dear World,

I'm an indigo being. What are indigo people? Indigo people are rays of light that are incarnated on this earth to help humanity and Mother Nature raise their positive vibration and sent light into the darkness.

The world that we live in is in a state of negative vibration. It has been this way since Adam and Eve bit onto the forbidden fruit. Today the negative vibration has drastically increased since then. People today are blind and unconscious to the lies that they're living in. The same group of creatures that are feeding us these lies are the same ones that tempted Adam and Eve. Humans are divided into two equal parts, physical and spiritual. Mother Nature created the physical part and God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call him, created the spirital part; the soul. The soul is a portion of God himself and that is incarnated on Earth to accomplish a mission. While in the transition from God, to spirit, to physical form (a.k.a birth) we lose consciousness of our mission. We are unaware of our higher purpose in life and it's our job to regain that knowledge again before it's too late.

Sadly, the negative vibtation gets in the way of us reaching our true purpose. God sends special portions of himself onto Earth to help Earth and humanity raise the positive vibration and illuminate the darkness away for good. These special portions of God are classified as starseeds, crystal children, rainbow children and indigo children. I'm classified as a starseed or indigo child. I'm nearly 20, so I'm an indigo adult or indigo being.

Indigos struggle to connect with other people because indigos are in a higher level of sprituality and consciousness. Meaning they have a special balance in their life. They are connected with the Universe, with themselves and their chakras. Because they are so connected with themselves they struggle to communicate to the level that humanity is in. Sometimes people misinterpret them and classify them as kids with mild autism or with asperger's syndrome; which is what happened to me.

For many years I thought I was autistic, untill I had my spiritual awakening. My spiritual awakening happend in the fall of 2010 when I was 14. I'm not going to go into detail of how this happened to me, but it happend. Now I'm aware that I'm a higher being on Earth to help my fellow brothers and sisters and Mother Nature. I want to spread my light that I revice from the universe and illuminate the way for others that are living in darkness.

As an indigo, I can't stand how humanity is living in darkness and how they are unaware of the things the keep them grounded in nagative vibration. Is like saying humanity is living in a dark box and indigos and other higher beings are the ones who are going to get them out of the box and help them enjoy real life, not the "matrix" they are living in.

I'm not saying that indigos are better than everyone. We are different beings with special purposes. I believe we are all equal and together, united we create a powerful critial mass of positive energy to help Earth transform it self and the beings of light living on it.

Indigos are also creative people and full of ambision. I have learned that I have physical abilities and spiritual abilities or gifts. Physically, I'm an artist, a puppeteer, a performer, amateur tailor, musician and a teacher; just to name a few. I'm still experimenting with my spiritual gifts. I'm able to open my crown chakra with ease and connect with the Universe. This a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I can receive the energy from the Universe and do its willing. Bad because it makes me spiritually vulnerable and exposed. So if someone or thing with negative vibration comes in contact with me, that bad vibration can harm me and make me ill both spiritually and physically. Sometimes I suffer in silence because of the bad vibes I receive from this world. That's why one must be really carefull and take extra precautions. Something as simple as someone stroking your hair can harm you.

I always try to spread the joy I feel to others and help the Earth. I try to stay positive at all times and do things that make me happy, helping others and staying away from darkness. One of the many things that brings me joy is the Disney characters. It might be childish, but my spirit is ageless. That's why I write so much about them. Also, I started to collect Disney character costumes and so far I have a number of great pieces. This will be the subject of a future post.

My goal on Earth is to find peace within myself and with my brothers and sisters, to shine my light on Earth, to be in the hands of my creator and let him do what he whats with me and to spread love. All I have to give is love and light. Love is a strong vibration and changes everything. Love needs to reign on Earth, not with words but with true actions.

Get ready world, here comes Sammy!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Who Wears It Best? Clarabelle Vs Winnie

While doing photo research, I came across a picture of Winnie Woodpecker, from Universal Studios. I noticed something curious about Winnie, her shoes. I looked at her shoes and something inside of me said "I have seen those shoes before." A quick thought later and I realized that Clarabelle Cow, from Disneyland, has similar shoes. After comparing pictures of Clarabelle's and Winnie's shoes, I came to the conclusion that both shoes are based from the same mold.

Clarabelle Cow, credit

Winnie Woodpecker, credit

Comparison between Winnie and Clarabelle
Winnie's image credit: Flickr User: Loren Javier
Clarabelle's image credit: Flickr User: Carlos

How did Universal Studios manage to pull this off? To use a mold created by Disney. Something to keep in mind, that Universal Studios is known for using outside companies to build some of their character costume mascots; while Disney build their costumes in house. I find it bizarre that a costume mold created by and for Disney would end up on other property. Let's me just say that the shoes are not 100% identical. The only difference is that Winnie's shoe's topline is very closed (like Minnie's shoes) and Clarabelle's shoe's topline is narrower. This difference can be fix in the molding process. 

Also, the shoes are not only Clarabelle's. In the costume world lingo, especially the Disney costume department, the shoes worn by Clarabelle are considered large pumps or large cartoon heels and are used for whom ever needs them. In Tokyo Disneyland's 2003 Mardi Gras, female stage dancers were using that particular shoe. This classification is like Mickey's gloves; they are not only used by Mickey but by other characters that require them.

The shoes were created around 1992 for Claracbelle and I'm still trying to pin-point the date where Winnie started to wear them. I think is around mid 2000's. The logical explanations for Winnie using these shoes are that somehow Universal (or the company hired to create the costume) got a hold of the mold and used it for Winnie. Or its just a bizarre coincidence. Finally, who wears them better? Clarabelle or Winnie?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Disneyland Costumed Characters

I want to make my first, and hopefully not last, top 10 list. This list will consist of my top favorite Disney characters, in their costume form. These characters have a special place in my heart, identify myself with and wish to meet and greet them when I visit the parks. I love most of the Disney characters and if they're not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like them. Those characters will be the subject of future lists.

Disclaimer, Mickey Mouse will not be on this list. I love Mickey and I've decided to not include him because of his high popularity. I want to give all of the characters equal change and he's already the leader of the club.

10. Scrooge McDuck

Growing up I was a huge Uncle Scrooge fanatic. As a kid I found Scrooge very interesting and appealing, I think because of his spats. Today, I'm not as fond of Scrooge like I was as a kid, but I still love him. I need to say I grew up exposed to old style of Uncle Scrooge, when I was 12 I found out he got re-designed. I love both designs. I still have the opportunity to meet old Scrooge, because he was recycled into Ludwig Von Drake.

Uncle Scrooge with Ludwig, Disney World 2013. credit

9. The Tremaines

"Sing sweet nightingale" as Anastasia and Drizella would sing. I love these characters. Every time these characters appear they make me laugh. Even thou they are harsh to Cinderella, you can't help but feel sympathy for them; at least for Anastasia. Lady Tremaine is cold and selfish, and we love her that way. Lady T is like that private school teacher that doesn't know the definition of fun and is a blast to mess with.

The Tremaines at Disney World. credit

8. Roger Rabbit

I grew up watching and re-watching "Sing-A-Long Songs Disneyland Fun" and one of the stars of that video was Roger Rabbit. As a kid I didn't understand Roger, until I watched the movie. Roger is a lovable character, unique and, needless to say, underrated. I also love him because he represents a time in Disney history where Daffy and Donald had a piano-off and Mickey and Bugs went sky diving. I want to meet him so bad.

Roger at Disneyland, 2015. credit

7. The Big Bad Wolf

I love the Big Bad Wolf, because he is the oldest Disneyland character to stay the same since his debut. Even his gloves are still the same. He is a living relic of the Disneyland costume history. He also bares a strong resemblance to another character on this list.

Searching for a decent photo of him, I found this. You're welcome. credit

6. The White Rabbit

For many years, the White Rabbit costume looked a bit different from his movie counterpart. In 1998, Disney redesigned the White Rabbit costume to a more accurate movie look. I love this new version. I find this version very cute, adorable and cuddly. Also, I think his face has a naive look, which make it more adorable. I love the White Rabbit so much, that in 9th grade I made an attempt to make a replica costume. That attempt didn't happen. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll build a replica White Rabbit costume.

The White Rabbit at SpectroMagic, 2010. credit

5. Pluto

For a while, I thought that if I worked at a Disney Resort as a character, I'll be cast as Pluto. Thats okay with me, because I'm fond of Pluto. While doing research, I found out I'm a bit tall for my furry little friend. I'm still on the fence, because there multiple sources clamming different heights. I feel in my heart that I'm just fine for Pluto. But must be careful because of the Puerto Rican Pluto Curse.

On February of 2004, a Puerto Rican castmemeber dressed as Pluto got ran over by a Beauty and the Beast float and died. You can read the report. I remember hearing the news when it happen and it stroked me as a kid. The news was allover Puerto Rico at the time. I know it was just a freak accident, but I'm Puerto Rican. If a get to portray Pluto I better watch out for parade floats.

Me and Pluto at Epcot, 2017

4. Mad Hatter

I want to be the Mad Hatter! While in high school, I found out that the Mad Hatter is an awesome and popular character at Disneyland. Also each idividual Mad Hatter performer have fan bases; like Spieling Peter. My favorite Hatters, and the ones I look up for inspiration, are Storyteller Hatter and Rowdy Hatter. If I ever become a Mad Hatter at a Disney Resort it would be a dream come true, but while that dream becomes a reality, I made myself a Mad Hatter costume and I cosplay as him on my free time; which is hardly ever.

I mean, come on. He's the real star, not Alice. credit

3. Daisy Duck

I don't know what it is, but I got a soft spot for Daisy. I absolutely love her color scheme, white, pink and lavender, and her fur gives her a fluffy, cuddly look. As a kid, I grew up exposed to all three versions of Daisy, 80's, 90's and the current version. I love all three versions, thou I find 90's version tacky, but the current one takes the cake. Also as a kid, I grew up rooting for Daisy. To this day, Daisy is treated as a fifth or sixth wheel in the Disney gang. I love Daisy so much that I want to take her home with me and hug her all day long, along with the next two on the list.

Me and Daisy at Epcot, 2017

2. Goofy

Goofy is character I can much relate to. He is a simple nature character with a huge heart. He demonstrates that is alright to be goofy and to have a good time while doing it. I describe him as my Disney-spirit character. If I were to work for a Disney Resort as a character performer, I might get the role of portraying Goofy, because I reach the minimum height requirement to perform him. Also, I have two personal connections to this character. First, when I first when to Disney World, the very first character I greeted and took a picture with was Goofy. I remember that Goofy had huge pit stains. Sadly, over time I lost that picture of me and Goofy. Second, I have worn the Goofy costume. I know someone who owns a full Goofy suit, and I've worn it.

Me and Goofy at Hollywood Studios, 2017

1. Minnie Mouse

Mickey might not be on this list, but Minnie sure is. I personally describe Minnie as "the perfect girlfriend." Every guy needs a girl like Minnie. She's cute, she got money, she'll always be there for you and loves you unconditionally; what more are you looking for? This is not part of some weird fan fiction, these are the qualities that describe Minnie.

I find Minnie, cute and adorable. I love her simple nature and the way she's portrayed. She's got a good scene of fashion, her red polka dot dress is so simple is brilliant. Who else can pull off bright yellow shoes? I grew up loving this current version of Minnie, but I also love 80's Minnie weirdly enough.

Me and Minnie Mouse at Epcot, 2017

Who are your favorite Disneyland characters?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goofy (& Max) Through the Years 1961-Present

I take great joy in presenting Goofy's through the years post. Goofy is one of my personal favorite Disney costumed characters. Fun fact about this post, I wrote it during my glorious vacation in Puerto Rico.

Something to point out before the following; there is a screenshot showing some of the Disney Ice Capades characters and among them a character reslembling Goofy. I will not take into account that "Goofy." There's no further evidance showing or supporting the existence of this character and I'm yet to find the video were the screenshot came from. I'm not denying it's existence. I can't write a post based on one picture with lack of information. Maybe I need to purchase a Disney Ice Capades program to expand my research.

1961-1963: Forehead Goofy
Goofy debuts at Disneyland as a meet and greet character. His head is molded with individual eyes; unlike his cartoon counterpart with has conjoined eyes. Having separated eyes gives Goofy a full face and somewhat of a forehead. He spots eyelashes. His lower jaw is jointed so when the performer moves, the lower jaw moves too.

His wardrobe consists of the following; a dark green hat that was made out of felt or a hard medium (i. e. plastic.) Goofy would wear one or the other. He wears brown, tramp style clown shoes, blue pants with patches, an orange long sleeve turtle neck with patches at the elbows and a yellow vest. Goofy also wears four fingered gloves, with no padding.

Goofy and Pluto at Radio City Music Hall, 1962. credit

1963-1969: Goofy's New Widow
Like his predecessor in apperance and wardrobe; his black fur now covers the arches of his forehead and has a larger, more noticeable widow's peak.

Goofy and Pluto at Disneyland, 1968. credit

1969-1978: Common Goofy
Keeping the same wardrobe, he now has a perminant plastic (or like) dark green hat. He gets a bit of an updated head. The new head has a cleaner look. He now has bouncy eye lids and a bouncy lower jaw. The color scheme (like shading) of his face changes subtlely throught this time period.

Goofy with Pluto at Disneyland, 1974. credit

1970-1975: Disney on Parade Stunt Goofy
The Common Goofy migrated to the first edition of Disney on Parade. After the first edition of the show, Goofy's eye focus changed and his pupils got bigger. Also his snout got slighty flatter and his lower jaw got thicker and flatter.

The show's Goofy was a special one, because he was designed for stunts. Goofy through out the shows would do stuts like type rope walking and his trousers catching fire.

Goofy with Donald and Pluto, 1973. credit

1978-2000: Cartoon Goofy
Just in time to celebrate Mickey's 50th birthday, Goofy gets total makeover. His head changed in color scheme, his eyeslids are less bouncy that before, his lower jaw is now stable and has a different eye focus. His hat is now yellow green.

Goofy's wardrobe changed completely. Goofy now wears saggy blue pants with a single orange patch on right leg. Because of the saggy pants, he now wears yellow leather suspenders. His orange shirt has a saggy look to it, with rounded cuffs and around the rim of the shirt. He has a green patch on his left elbow. The yellow vest is smaller. His four fingered gloves are now padded and has a rounded rim.

Goofy at Disney World, 1980. credit

1992- Present: Max
Max joins his dad in the Disney meet and greet tradition. Goofy's son was based of his re-intoduction in the popular tv series "Goofy Troop." He is a rare character to come by now a days. You may spot him during the holiday time.

When Max was first introduced, his face was covered with antron fleece. He didn't have an exposed rubber face like his predecessors. This was only early on, because later he changed to an expoxed rubber face; like he is today. I'm not sure in what year the change happend, my best guess is around 1993 or 1996.

Max and Goofy at Disney World, 1992. credit

Max has creases around the edge of his face, 1993. video

Max with an exposed rubber face, Disneyland, 2012. Flickr User: Loren Javier

1999- Present: Modern Goofy
Cartoon Goofy stays exactly the same, but with his eyelashes removed.

Goofy at Disneyland, 2014. Flickr User: Loren Javier

Goofy and I at Epcot, 2017

2006- Present: Talking Goofy
Goofy's head is now articulated so he can fully blink and open and close his mouth. His eye focus changes to a more direct look. This Goofy is used on Disney Live!, Disney resorts stage shows and promotional events.

Clear view of articulated Goofy, 2012.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pluto Through the Years 1955- Present

1955-1959: Ice Capades
The first Pluto costume to awkwardly roam Disneyland was borrowed from the Ice Capades. This costume required two performers; one in the front and one at the rear. This Pluto costume spotted eyelashes and a green collar.

Mr. Disney talking to the skating characters, 1950. Pluto is located between Mickey and Minnie. credit

1960-1977: The Common Pluto
Pluto is now designed by the Disney costume department. He now walks on his rear legs, has a closed mouth, whiskers and no collar. Between his debut and departure, this version of Pluto had different variations of pupils and would sometimes have thick, black eyebrows. His paws (hands) had paw prints in them. When doing meet and greets, Pluto would hang around with Goofy, not Mickey.

Goofy and Pluto at Disney World, 1973. credit

Pluto with thick eyebrows, Disney World 1977. credit

1978-1993: Sugar Pluto
Pluto was redesigned to look more like his cartoon counterpart. His body was updated and his head was re-sculpted. Now his mouth is opened slightly with his tongue sticking out and wears an orange collar with a name tag. He has wider, bigger pupils. I named this Pluto, "Sugar Pluto" because of the extra large pupils; giving him the look like he had too many sugary treats.

Sugar Pluto at Disneyland. Flickr User: cagedheat3

Side view of Sugar Pluto, 1988. Flickr User: Diana

In early versions of this Pluto, he had fur missing around his eyes; giving him an semi awkward look.

Pluto with missing fur around his eyes, Disneyland. credit

Doing research for this Pluto, I noticed that this particular Pluto only appeared at Disneyland. Maybe this version of Pluto (the head) was only manufactured at the Disney costume department in Anaheim, California. Meaning, this Pluto was exclusively for Disneyland. This version also made rare appearances at Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland. In 1990, Modern Pluto was officially introduced to Disneyland and Sugar Pluto made his last appearance on Christmas of 1993.

1978- Present: Modern Pluto
Like Sugar Pluto, this Pluto was designed to look like his cartoon counterpart. His body was updated and his head was re sculpted.  Pluto now has an open mouth with his tongue sticking out and regular sized pupils. Now he wears an orange collar with a name tag.

Pluto with his long tongue. credit

Pluto's tongue would be freely sticking out of his mouth, like a regular dog. Around 2005, Pluto's tongue was cut short and now only stays inside his mouth. The reason for this is because little kids would grab the tongue and pull. This would damage the costume's head and harm the performer inside.

Today's Pluto, with his now short, standard tongue, Disney World. credit

Pluto and I at Epcot, 2017

This Pluto is the official Pluto costume and it's used where ever is needed. Even though Disneyland had their own Pluto, this version was slowly introduced to Disneyland around 1981 and became the official Pluto of Disneyland in 1990.

Bonus: Pluto's Collar
Here are some pics of a Pluto's collar sold on eBay last year by Theme Park Connection.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disney on Ice: Frozen Review

For the first time in forever, I went to a Disney on Ice. The last Disney on Ice I attended was Princess Classics in 2008.

I'm one of those Disney fans that have mixed feelings about Frozen. I loved the movie, but I don't think it was that good. It was no surprise to me that Feld Ent. quickly made a Disney on Ice about the movie. I have been attending Disney on Ice shows since an early age and one of the reasons for my seven year gap is that Disney on Ice has been producing shows that weren't that good enough to me. Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 was a huge disappointment to me. Let me say this quickly, for years Disney on Ice would dedicate a whole show to a movie, I loved those. But lately they have been cramming 4 to 10 and plus stories in one show, which make things move rather fast. I'm not a big fan of those. Knowing that Feld would dedicate the whole show to Frozen, that got me really excited.

Time for the review:
The first thing I noticed when I entered the coliseum, was that the ice rink had rounded edges. It did not had the traditional squared edges. I also noticed the unique set design, eliminating traditional curtains. An added feature to the show was above the ice rink, they added projection screens to help tell the story better, specially when Elsa freezes the kingdom. To be honest, some of the graphics used on the screen during the show, looked like something out of a Zelda game. The screens had six individual panels. Funny thing is that during the show one of the panels malfunctioned and completely shut off. Whopps!

When I first saw the ice rink, 2015. Photo by "me."

I don't know if this is necessary but, Spoiler Alert!

The show opened in a special way. Usually Mickey would open the show and he did, but not immediately. The show opened with the Disney on Ice cast members warming up the crowd to a prerecorded track. The cast members were dressed in work out clothes and started to do simple exercises and dance moves to encourage the crowd to move along with them. I couldn't help myself, I moved along with them. After the brief work out session, the cast members introduced the hosts of the show, Mickey and Minnie. When I saw Mickey and Minnie, my heart melted with joy. Right after the little pre-show ended, the actual show started. I guess that the work out session was a pre-show, but usually pre-shows start before opening time. Opening time was 7:30 pm and the pre-show started at 7:30 pm. Either way, I truly enjoyed it.

The show opened with Mickey and Goofy delivering ice and talking about true love. While that's happening Minnie show up and tells Mickey about the true love between the princesses. At this point Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel show up along with their princes. After this, Minnie talks about the true love between father and son and oddly enough, Merlin, Dory and Nemo show up. Then they talk about true love between best friends and Buzz, Woody, Timon and Pumba show up. Then Mickey talks about his best friend, Donald Duck. Yes, Donald appeared along with the gang. When Donald appears, the whole cast of characters start a dance number and later leave. Only Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald have speaking roles, the rest just danced to their song briefly. When the rest of the characters exit, Mickey and the gang start telling the story about two sisters that loved each other very much. Now the story of Frozen officially begins.

A few things I want to rant about before I go any further with the review. One, I get that the princesses show up, but why did Nemo show up? If they wanted to show true love between father and son, they could have used Geppetto and Pinocchio instead. I guess they used Nemo because of the younger audience. I understand why Timon and Pumba appeared, but why Buzz and Woody where invited? Second, why did Mickey introduced Donald as his best friend. How about man's or mouse's best friend, Pluto. If it was me, I would introduce Pluto as Mickey's best friend and introduce Donald along with Daisy Duck as a couple, like the princesses.

The entire show was awesome! The story telling was brilliant. The costume design was incredible. The entire cast of skaters did an amazing job putting on the show. I enjoyed the show from start to end. Their's not much to say, other than is the story of Frozen on ice. Loved it!

I recommend a few things If you're planning to see the show. Get your tickets early, literally get them months ahead of time. Because it's "Frozen" the tickets will sell quickly and the ticket price will be higher than usual and as time gets closer to the date, the ticket price will get inflated. Also try to get good seats, not the seats that nearly touch the ceiling. If you're a parent and your bringing your little princess(es) dressed as Anna or Elsa, be careful. Their was ALOT of girls dressed as Anna and Elsa. Keep both eyes on your little one(s) to avoid the risk and danger of them getting lost, mistaken for another child or (God forbid) kidnapped. If your making this event a date night, here is a heads up. Their will be lots of kids, lots of them. Also during the musicals segments of the show, you will hear a chorus of little girls singing along, off key and loudly. It didn't bother me that much, but when Anna and Elsa were singing the reprise of "For the First Time in Forever" and Elsa sings/yells "I caaann't", good Lord, all the girls were screaming "AAAHH." Other than that, I didn't mind the kids' singing.

If you spoil your child, buy them the overly expensive merchandise. If you decide to buy a memento from the show, buy the cotton candy, because it includes an Olaf hat, or buy a snow cone mug. You have the option of an princess cup or an Olaf mug. The snow cone is a cool treat and when your done, you now have a nice looking mug! On the plus side, their's no sales tax.

You want to buy a snowman? Yah, I didn't think so, 2015. Photo by me.

No thanks, 2015. Photo by me.

This concludes my review and hope when you go to see the show you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you.

The rink after the show ended, 2015. Photo by me.