Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disney on Ice: Frozen Review

For the first time in forever, I went to a Disney on Ice. The last Disney on Ice I attended was Princess Classics in 2008.

I'm one of those Disney fans that have mixed feelings about Frozen. I loved the movie, but I don't think it was that good. It was no surprise to me that Feld Ent. quickly made a Disney on Ice about the movie. I have been attending Disney on Ice shows since an early age and one of the reasons for my seven year gap is that Disney on Ice has been producing shows that weren't that good enough to me. Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 was a huge disappointment to me. Let me say this quickly, for years Disney on Ice would dedicate a whole show to a movie, I loved those. But lately they have been cramming 4 to 10 and plus stories in one show, which make things move rather fast. I'm not a big fan of those. Knowing that Feld would dedicate the whole show to Frozen, that got me really excited.

Time for the review:
The first thing I noticed when I entered the coliseum, was that the ice rink had rounded edges. It did not had the traditional squared edges. I also noticed the unique set design, eliminating traditional curtains. An added feature to the show was above the ice rink, they added projection screens to help tell the story better, specially when Elsa freezes the kingdom. To be honest, some of the graphics used on the screen during the show, looked like something out of a Zelda game. The screens had six individual panels. Funny thing is that during the show one of the panels malfunctioned and completely shut off. Whopps!

When I first saw the ice rink, 2015. Photo by "me."

I don't know if this is necessary but, Spoiler Alert!

The show opened in a special way. Usually Mickey would open the show and he did, but not immediately. The show opened with the Disney on Ice cast members warming up the crowd to a prerecorded track. The cast members were dressed in work out clothes and started to do simple exercises and dance moves to encourage the crowd to move along with them. I couldn't help myself, I moved along with them. After the brief work out session, the cast members introduced the hosts of the show, Mickey and Minnie. When I saw Mickey and Minnie, my heart melted with joy. Right after the little pre-show ended, the actual show started. I guess that the work out session was a pre-show, but usually pre-shows start before opening time. Opening time was 7:30 pm and the pre-show started at 7:30 pm. Either way, I truly enjoyed it.

The show opened with Mickey and Goofy delivering ice and talking about true love. While that's happening Minnie show up and tells Mickey about the true love between the princesses. At this point Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel show up along with their princes. After this, Minnie talks about the true love between father and son and oddly enough, Merlin, Dory and Nemo show up. Then they talk about true love between best friends and Buzz, Woody, Timon and Pumba show up. Then Mickey talks about his best friend, Donald Duck. Yes, Donald appeared along with the gang. When Donald appears, the whole cast of characters start a dance number and later leave. Only Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald have speaking roles, the rest just danced to their song briefly. When the rest of the characters exit, Mickey and the gang start telling the story about two sisters that loved each other very much. Now the story of Frozen officially begins.

A few things I want to rant about before I go any further with the review. One, I get that the princesses show up, but why did Nemo show up? If they wanted to show true love between father and son, they could have used Geppetto and Pinocchio instead. I guess they used Nemo because of the younger audience. I understand why Timon and Pumba appeared, but why Buzz and Woody where invited? Second, why did Mickey introduced Donald as his best friend. How about man's or mouse's best friend, Pluto. If it was me, I would introduce Pluto as Mickey's best friend and introduce Donald along with Daisy Duck as a couple, like the princesses.

The entire show was awesome! The story telling was brilliant. The costume design was incredible. The entire cast of skaters did an amazing job putting on the show. I enjoyed the show from start to end. Their's not much to say, other than is the story of Frozen on ice. Loved it!

I recommend a few things If you're planning to see the show. Get your tickets early, literally get them months ahead of time. Because it's "Frozen" the tickets will sell quickly and the ticket price will be higher than usual and as time gets closer to the date, the ticket price will get inflated. Also try to get good seats, not the seats that nearly touch the ceiling. If you're a parent and your bringing your little princess(es) dressed as Anna or Elsa, be careful. Their was ALOT of girls dressed as Anna and Elsa. Keep both eyes on your little one(s) to avoid the risk and danger of them getting lost, mistaken for another child or (God forbid) kidnapped. If your making this event a date night, here is a heads up. Their will be lots of kids, lots of them. Also during the musicals segments of the show, you will hear a chorus of little girls singing along, off key and loudly. It didn't bother me that much, but when Anna and Elsa were singing the reprise of "For the First Time in Forever" and Elsa sings/yells "I caaann't", good Lord, all the girls were screaming "AAAHH." Other than that, I didn't mind the kids' singing.

If you spoil your child, buy them the overly expensive merchandise. If you decide to buy a memento from the show, buy the cotton candy, because it includes an Olaf hat, or buy a snow cone mug. You have the option of an princess cup or an Olaf mug. The snow cone is a cool treat and when your done, you now have a nice looking mug! On the plus side, their's no sales tax.

You want to buy a snowman? Yah, I didn't think so, 2015. Photo by me.

No thanks, 2015. Photo by me.

This concludes my review and hope when you go to see the show you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you.

The rink after the show ended, 2015. Photo by me.

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