Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pluto Through the Years 1955- Present

1955-1959: Ice Capades
The first Pluto costume to awkwardly roam Disneyland was borrowed from the Ice Capades. This costume required two performers; one in the front and one at the rear. This Pluto costume spotted eyelashes and a green collar.

Mr. Disney talking to the skating characters, 1950. Pluto is located between Mickey and Minnie. credit

1960-1977: The Common Pluto
Pluto is now designed by the Disney costume department. He now walks on his rear legs, has a closed mouth, whiskers and no collar. Between his debut and departure, this version of Pluto had different variations of pupils and would sometimes have thick, black eyebrows. His paws (hands) had paw prints in them. When doing meet and greets, Pluto would hang around with Goofy, not Mickey.

Goofy and Pluto at Disney World, 1973. credit

Pluto with thick eyebrows, Disney World 1977. credit

1978-1993: Sugar Pluto
Pluto was redesigned to look more like his cartoon counterpart. His body was updated and his head was re-sculpted. Now his mouth is opened slightly with his tongue sticking out and wears an orange collar with a name tag. He has wider, bigger pupils. I named this Pluto, "Sugar Pluto" because of the extra large pupils; giving him the look like he had too many sugary treats.

Sugar Pluto at Disneyland. Flickr User: cagedheat3

Side view of Sugar Pluto, 1988. Flickr User: Diana

In early versions of this Pluto, he had fur missing around his eyes; giving him an semi awkward look.

Pluto with missing fur around his eyes, Disneyland. credit

Doing research for this Pluto, I noticed that this particular Pluto only appeared at Disneyland. Maybe this version of Pluto (the head) was only manufactured at the Disney costume department in Anaheim, California. Meaning, this Pluto was exclusively for Disneyland. This version also made rare appearances at Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland. In 1990, Modern Pluto was officially introduced to Disneyland and Sugar Pluto made his last appearance on Christmas of 1993.

1978- Present: Modern Pluto
Like Sugar Pluto, this Pluto was designed to look like his cartoon counterpart. His body was updated and his head was re sculpted.  Pluto now has an open mouth with his tongue sticking out and regular sized pupils. Now he wears an orange collar with a name tag.

Pluto with his long tongue. credit

Pluto's tongue would be freely sticking out of his mouth, like a regular dog. Around 2005, Pluto's tongue was cut short and now only stays inside his mouth. The reason for this is because little kids would grab the tongue and pull. This would damage the costume's head and harm the performer inside.

Today's Pluto, with his now short, standard tongue, Disney World. credit

Pluto and I at Epcot, 2017

This Pluto is the official Pluto costume and it's used where ever is needed. Even though Disneyland had their own Pluto, this version was slowly introduced to Disneyland around 1981 and became the official Pluto of Disneyland in 1990.

Bonus: Pluto's Collar
Here are some pics of a Pluto's collar sold on eBay last year by Theme Park Connection.