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Minnie and I

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goofy (& Max) Through the Years 1961-Present

I take great joy in presenting Goofy's through the years post. Goofy is one of my personal favorite Disney costumed characters. Fun fact about this post, I wrote it during my glorious vacation in Puerto Rico.

Something to point out before the following; there is a screenshot showing some of the Disney Ice Capades characters and among them a character reslembling Goofy. I will not take into account that "Goofy." There's no further evidance showing or supporting the existence of this character and I'm yet to find the video were the screenshot came from. I'm not denying it's existence. I can't write a post based on one picture with lack of information. Maybe I need to purchase a Disney Ice Capades program to expand my research.

1961-1963: Forehead Goofy
Goofy debuts at Disneyland as a meet and greet character. His head is molded with individual eyes; unlike his cartoon counterpart with has conjoined eyes. Having separated eyes gives Goofy a full face and somewhat of a forehead. He spots eyelashes. His lower jaw is jointed so when the performer moves, the lower jaw moves too.

His wardrobe consists of the following; a dark green hat that was made out of felt or a hard medium (i. e. plastic.) Goofy would wear one or the other. He wears brown, tramp style clown shoes, blue pants with patches, an orange long sleeve turtle neck with patches at the elbows and a yellow vest. Goofy also wears four fingered gloves, with no padding.

Goofy and Pluto at Radio City Music Hall, 1962. credit

1963-1969: Goofy's New Widow
Like his predecessor in apperance and wardrobe; his black fur now covers the arches of his forehead and has a larger, more noticeable widow's peak.

Goofy and Pluto at Disneyland, 1968. credit

1969-1978: Common Goofy
Keeping the same wardrobe, he now has a perminant plastic (or like) dark green hat. He gets a bit of an updated head. The new head has a cleaner look. He now has bouncy eye lids and a bouncy lower jaw. The color scheme (like shading) of his face changes subtlely throught this time period.

Goofy with Pluto at Disneyland, 1974. credit

1970-1975: Disney on Parade Stunt Goofy
The Common Goofy migrated to the first edition of Disney on Parade. After the first edition of the show, Goofy's eye focus changed and his pupils got bigger. Also his snout got slighty flatter and his lower jaw got thicker and flatter.

The show's Goofy was a special one, because he was designed for stunts. Goofy through out the shows would do stuts like type rope walking and his trousers catching fire.

Goofy with Donald and Pluto, 1973. credit

1978-2000: Cartoon Goofy
Just in time to celebrate Mickey's 50th birthday, Goofy gets total makeover. His head changed in color scheme, his eyeslids are less bouncy that before, his lower jaw is now stable and has a different eye focus. His hat is now yellow green.

Goofy's wardrobe changed completely. Goofy now wears saggy blue pants with a single orange patch on right leg. Because of the saggy pants, he now wears yellow leather suspenders. His orange shirt has a saggy look to it, with rounded cuffs and around the rim of the shirt. He has a green patch on his left elbow. The yellow vest is smaller. His four fingered gloves are now padded and has a rounded rim.

Goofy at Disney World, 1980. credit

1992- Present: Max
Max joins his dad in the Disney meet and greet tradition. Goofy's son was based of his re-intoduction in the popular tv series "Goofy Troop." He is a rare character to come by now a days. You may spot him during the holiday time.

When Max was first introduced, his face was covered with antron fleece. He didn't have an exposed rubber face like his predecessors. This was only early on, because later he changed to an expoxed rubber face; like he is today. I'm not sure in what year the change happend, my best guess is around 1993 or 1996.

Max and Goofy at Disney World, 1992. credit

Max has creases around the edge of his face, 1993. video

Max with an exposed rubber face, Disneyland, 2012. Flickr User: Loren Javier

1999- Present: Modern Goofy
Cartoon Goofy stays exactly the same, but with his eyelashes removed.

Goofy at Disneyland, 2014. Flickr User: Loren Javier

Goofy and I at Epcot, 2017

2006- Present: Talking Goofy
Goofy's head is now articulated so he can fully blink and open and close his mouth. His eye focus changes to a more direct look. This Goofy is used on Disney Live!, Disney resorts stage shows and promotional events.

Clear view of articulated Goofy, 2012.


  1. The shot of the "Ice Capades Goofy" was taken from a documentary called "Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic". You can look for it on YouTube (hopefully).

    1. Thanks Michael. After writing this post I found out that "Ice Capades Goofy" was part of a Disneyland show called "Mickey Mouse Club Circus." The show was short lived because of it's unpopularity.

  2. Could you do costume evolution lists for Dumbo, the Seven Dwarves, and the rest of the Winnie-the-Pooh characters?

    1. I have an un-published draft of the 7 dwarfs, I'm still working on it. Im doing research for Dumbo and in the near future I'll do the rest of the Pooh gang.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm currently working on a 3 Little Pigs post. It's pretty difficult to find accurate dates and years for them.

  4. Please do a post on some of the Toy Story characters? I can tell when they changed the costumes.


  5. Yeah, and don't forget Jiminy Cricket!