Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Top 10 Favorite Disneyland Costumed Characters

I want to make my first, and hopefully not last, top 10 list. This list will consist of my top favorite Disney characters, in their costume form. These characters have a special place in my heart, identify myself with and wish to meet and greet them when I visit the parks. I love most of the Disney characters and if they're not on this list, it doesn't mean I don't like them. Those characters will be the subject of future lists.

Disclaimer, Mickey Mouse will not be on this list. I love Mickey and I've decided to not include him because of his high popularity. I want to give all of the characters equal change and he's already the leader of the club.

10. Scrooge McDuck

Growing up I was a huge Uncle Scrooge fanatic. As a kid I found Scrooge very interesting and appealing, I think because of his spats. Today, I'm not as fond of Scrooge like I was as a kid, but I still love him. I need to say I grew up exposed to old style of Uncle Scrooge, when I was 12 I found out he got re-designed. I love both designs. I still have the opportunity to meet old Scrooge, because he was recycled into Ludwig Von Drake.

Uncle Scrooge with Ludwig, Disney World 2013. credit

9. The Tremaines

"Sing sweet nightingale" as Anastasia and Drizella would sing. I love these characters. Every time these characters appear they make me laugh. Even thou they are harsh to Cinderella, you can't help but feel sympathy for them; at least for Anastasia. Lady Tremaine is cold and selfish, and we love her that way. Lady T is like that private school teacher that doesn't know the definition of fun and is a blast to mess with.

The Tremaines at Disney World. credit

8. Roger Rabbit

I grew up watching and re-watching "Sing-A-Long Songs Disneyland Fun" and one of the stars of that video was Roger Rabbit. As a kid I didn't understand Roger, until I watched the movie. Roger is a lovable character, unique and, needless to say, underrated. I also love him because he represents a time in Disney history where Daffy and Donald had a piano-off and Mickey and Bugs went sky diving. I want to meet him so bad.

Roger at Disneyland, 2015. credit

7. The Big Bad Wolf

I love the Big Bad Wolf, because he is the oldest Disneyland character to stay the same since his debut. Even his gloves are still the same. He is a living relic of the Disneyland costume history. He also bares a strong resemblance to another character on this list.

Searching for a decent photo of him, I found this. You're welcome. credit

6. The White Rabbit

For many years, the White Rabbit costume looked a bit different from his movie counterpart. In 1998, Disney redesigned the White Rabbit costume to a more accurate movie look. I love this new version. I find this version very cute, adorable and cuddly. Also, I think his face has a naive look, which make it more adorable. I love the White Rabbit so much, that in 9th grade I made an attempt to make a replica costume. That attempt didn't happen. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll build a replica White Rabbit costume.

The White Rabbit at SpectroMagic, 2010. credit

5. Pluto

For a while, I thought that if I worked at a Disney Resort as a character, I'll be cast as Pluto. Thats okay with me, because I'm fond of Pluto. While doing research, I found out I'm a bit tall for my furry little friend. I'm still on the fence, because there multiple sources clamming different heights. I feel in my heart that I'm just fine for Pluto. But must be careful because of the Puerto Rican Pluto Curse.

On February of 2004, a Puerto Rican castmemeber dressed as Pluto got ran over by a Beauty and the Beast float and died. You can read the report. I remember hearing the news when it happen and it stroked me as a kid. The news was allover Puerto Rico at the time. I know it was just a freak accident, but I'm Puerto Rican. If a get to portray Pluto I better watch out for parade floats.

Me and Pluto at Epcot, 2017

4. Mad Hatter

I want to be the Mad Hatter! While in high school, I found out that the Mad Hatter is an awesome and popular character at Disneyland. Also each idividual Mad Hatter performer have fan bases; like Spieling Peter. My favorite Hatters, and the ones I look up for inspiration, are Storyteller Hatter and Rowdy Hatter. If I ever become a Mad Hatter at a Disney Resort it would be a dream come true, but while that dream becomes a reality, I made myself a Mad Hatter costume and I cosplay as him on my free time; which is hardly ever.

I mean, come on. He's the real star, not Alice. credit

3. Daisy Duck

I don't know what it is, but I got a soft spot for Daisy. I absolutely love her color scheme, white, pink and lavender, and her fur gives her a fluffy, cuddly look. As a kid, I grew up exposed to all three versions of Daisy, 80's, 90's and the current version. I love all three versions, thou I find 90's version tacky, but the current one takes the cake. Also as a kid, I grew up rooting for Daisy. To this day, Daisy is treated as a fifth or sixth wheel in the Disney gang. I love Daisy so much that I want to take her home with me and hug her all day long, along with the next two on the list.

Me and Daisy at Epcot, 2017

2. Goofy

Goofy is character I can much relate to. He is a simple nature character with a huge heart. He demonstrates that is alright to be goofy and to have a good time while doing it. I describe him as my Disney-spirit character. If I were to work for a Disney Resort as a character performer, I might get the role of portraying Goofy, because I reach the minimum height requirement to perform him. Also, I have two personal connections to this character. First, when I first when to Disney World, the very first character I greeted and took a picture with was Goofy. I remember that Goofy had huge pit stains. Sadly, over time I lost that picture of me and Goofy. Second, I have worn the Goofy costume. I know someone who owns a full Goofy suit, and I've worn it.

Me and Goofy at Hollywood Studios, 2017

1. Minnie Mouse

Mickey might not be on this list, but Minnie sure is. I personally describe Minnie as "the perfect girlfriend." Every guy needs a girl like Minnie. She's cute, she got money, she'll always be there for you and loves you unconditionally; what more are you looking for? This is not part of some weird fan fiction, these are the qualities that describe Minnie.

I find Minnie, cute and adorable. I love her simple nature and the way she's portrayed. She's got a good scene of fashion, her red polka dot dress is so simple is brilliant. Who else can pull off bright yellow shoes? I grew up loving this current version of Minnie, but I also love 80's Minnie weirdly enough.

Me and Minnie Mouse at Epcot, 2017

Who are your favorite Disneyland characters?

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