Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Disneyland Auction Part 2

Remember the iconic Disneyland auction that happened on February 2015? I do, I was there; here's the post. Well, Van Eaton Galleries had another Disneyland auction on November. Similar to the previous auction, but selling even more items and the left overs from the first one. I guess when Disney collectors found out that the first auction reached over $1 million, they decided it was time to part with their Disney treasures.

Sadly, I could'nt travel to L.A. to see the gallery in person, because of prior engagements, but I checked out the online auction catalog. My main Disney passion is the park's character costumes and sadly this auction didn't had anything that I would call "I need to go to Cali. to see this in person." The last auction had two vintage character heads and this one didn't. Although there wasn't anything worth my while, I saw two pieces that caught my eye. It was really one piece, but I'm going to talk about two particular pieces.

One was lot 483, a Disneyland Pluto collar from 2000. That's nothing special to me because Pluto collars constantly show up on eBay (and yet I'm unable to get one) and they sell for around $200-$300. Surprisingly, the collar sold for $1,000. I wouldn't pay one grand for a Pluto collar, even if it was the last Pluto collar on earth.

Now the piece that really grabbed my attention was lot 472, a Winnie the Pooh "Hunny" prop jar. The item description says that it's a prop from the Pooh ride at Disneyland. This jar is significant to me because it's a recycled prop, it was perviously used as the jar on top of vintage Pooh costume's head. It's a vintage costume piece! The only thing is that the jar has an added lid, but that's easily over looked. In the hopes that one day I'll own a vintage Pooh costume, I wanted to buy the jar, because if the Pooh costume is incomplete, I'll be able to complete it. The starting bid for the jar was $500 and being a college kid, that would really hurt my pocket, so I could'nt bid on the item. It didn't really matter if I bid or not because the jar sold for $2,750. I wish I had money blow on things like this. $2,750 is like two paid college semesters with books and a new Ipad. Hopefully the person who bought this expense jar is thinking like me and will use it to complete a Pooh costume, or really loves Pooh jars.

The "Hunny" jar sold on auction. icollector.com

Vintage Pooh costume with the "Hunny" jar. credit

Excuse me if I sound "ranty" over the Pooh jar, but I collect Disney costumes and even my most expensive and iconic costume piece didn't cost me nearly as much as this jar sold for. That's why if you're going to collect Disney costumes you must be careful where you do your shopping, because auctions like this, you'll end up paying big bucks for these items. And to be honest, I'll not worth the big bucks. 

Foot Note: 
The reason I say if a Pooh costume comes incomplete is because there's a lady that owns a Pooh costume and it's missing the jar. She has the costume on display in her home and to cover the hole where the jar is supposed to go, she uses a Pooh Santa hat. In my collecting fantasies, I figured that I would need the jar because if my future Pooh costume is like her's, I'll be able to have a full costume. On the other hand, she might have the jar and chooses not included on the costume display or she's the one who bought the jar. Who knows.

Vintage Pooh costume, property of Deb Hoffmann

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