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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tigger Through the Years 1969- Present

1969-1998: Retro Tigger
The gang from the 100 Acre Wood debuted in Disneyland in 1966, but Tigger made his debut in 1969 when Disney on Parade started. Disney on Parade created a huge repertoire of characters for their shows and Tigger was one of them. That same year he debuted at Disneyland. Tigger has orange fur with black fur stripes, white fur for the belly, eyes and muzzle. He has a black nose with nostrils. Tigger's stripe pattern is a simple pattern, so it would be easily sewn onto the body. Unlike his cartoon counterpart, Tigger has "claws" on his paws and feet.  In the beginning he had eight small stripes coming out of his belly, but around in 1988 Tigger had only six steps out of his belly. This version of Tigger was used until 1994 and was used slowly in tandem with the next version. He made his last appearance in 2003 at the groundbreaking ceremony of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Tigger at Disneyland, 1969. credit

Tigger at Disneyland, 1988. credit

1972-1973: Disney on Parade Tigger
For the first editions of Disney on Parade, Tigger appeared as he did in Disneyland. But for the 3rd edition of the show, his costume was completely redesigned. Tigger has now a slimmer look, with stripes matching his cartoon counterpart. He has bigger feet, his tail hangs loose and his head is smaller and different shape. Disney on Parade Tigger had eyebrows and a pink nose. This version of Tigger only appeared on this edition of the show. 

Tigger and Pooh at Disney on Parade, 1972

1983-1989: Teddy Ruxpin Tigger
This version of Tigger was created exclusively for the TV show "Welcome to Pooh Corner." All the costumes from the show were created and designed by the creator of Teddy Ruxpin. Tigger had an articulated head, which made him able to open and close his mouth, blink and move his eyebrows. This version was used on "Welcome to Pooh Corner" and educational films. It closely resembles his cartoon counterpart, except for the black nose.

Some screenshots of Tigger in "Welcome to Pooh Corner" video

1994- Present: Modern Tigger
While his body stayed the same, his head got an update. Tigger's head has a smaller and rounder lower jaw. His smile is now a almost closed smile. Tigger's nose is still black, but now its made out of reticulated foam, so the performer can see out of. He got a few stripes added to his face and has black stripes on his dimples. Around 2005, Tigger's tail would be attached to his back, to prevent accidents with guests.

Tigger at Tokyo Disneyland, 2014. credit

2004- Present: Talking Tigger
This version of Tigger was designed to have articulated mouth and blinking eyes. The head is modeled after Modern Tigger's head. The head has the addition of a pink nose, eyebrows and whiskers. The body is different a different design. The stripe pattern is similar to his cartoon counterpart. His hands and feet don't have "claws." He has grips on his paws so the performer can grab props better. Also this Tigger has light beige fur on its belly, eyes and muzzle. The suit was designed for the performer to move, jump and dance freely. Currently, there's no Disney production that is using this version of Tigger, but it's possible for future productions they will use this costume.

Disney Live Tigger, credit

King Leonidas, 1972- 2009
What does King Leonidas have to do with Tigger? Well, while doing research on Retro Tigger, I realized that I have seen Retro Tigger's jaw before. And I remembered that King Leonidas has a similar lower jaw. I compared Tigger's head to Leonidas's and found out that their heads super similar. So similar that I came to the conclusion that they share the same head mold. They have the same head shape! Some features were added to Leonidas like his nose and eyes, witch later was used for Prince John. I believe that King Leonidas is a retired character, he was mostly seen on the Disney Electrical Parade, before the 2010 update.

King Leonidas at the Magic Kingdom, 70s

Comparison of Tigger and Leonidas.
Leonidas photo credit
Tigger photo credit


  1. The first Tigger terminated at Disneyland DLP in 1997 or 1998.

  2. The current Tigger costume debuted at WDW in late 1995.

    1. Thanks, I'll fix the post. I forgot to add a special version of Tigger that was used on the 3rd edition of Disney on Parade.

    2. The King Leonidas as Retro Tigger costume reminds me of the polar bears seen in the 2015 version of the Magic Kingdom's "Celebrate the Season" and the current version of Baloo that debuted at Disneyland in 1991.

      The alternate Tigger costume used in the 3rd edition of Disney on Parade reminds me of the alternate Stitch costume that only appeared in Disney on Ice's Mickey and Minnie's Magical/Amazing Journey/Passport to Adventure from 2003 to 2015.

  3. King Leonids still exists as cameo character in parks like Disneyland paris' 25th anniversary day

    1. Yes! I noticed! DLP went all out and used tons of characters! I also noticed that King Leonidas uses the same crown as the Queen of Hearts.