Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dear Tokyo Disneyland

Dear Tokyo Disneyland,

Please, please, por favor, make a Minnie version of this figure! This Mickey Mouse figure is exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland and only available to annual pass holders of the park. There's four versions of this figure: 30th Anniversary Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey, Funderful Mickey and Classic Mickey. My favorite is the classic one.

If you haven't noticed, this Mickey figure is modeled after the costume version of Mickey Mouse. Not the animated or cgi version, but the version that greets you at the parks. Is like having a pocket version of theme park Mickey! Personally I don't own a figure, but one of my friends does. This figure is incredibly detailed.

I'm a big fan of Mickey, but I'm a bigger fan of Minnie Mouse. Tokyo Disneyland, please I beg of you, make a Minnie version. Please model her after her theme park appearance. And model her after her current version, not the new Shanghai version. Please make it happen. Soon.


Mickey laying on Minnie's skirt, photo by me.

Mickey and Buzz Lightyear, photo by me.


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  2. Hello.
    Minnie's action figure can be booked from July 20th of Japan time to 30th of September in Japan only for Funderful Disney members! (I used Google Translate)

    1. Thank you! Just saw it, very beautiful. I want one! I don't know who to get one, maybe I have to travel to Tokyo Disneyland!