Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Goofy Outfit and Mickey's Jacket

Apologies for the lack posts lately. I've been working my butt off with two different jobs and managing my personal life. I'm here and I want to start writing again.

First, I want to say thank you to all the readers and people that come across this site. Thank you for your comments and characters suggestions. Even if I don't reply, I have read the comment and taken into consideration your suggestions. Currently, I'm working on the Mad Hatter, hopefully I'll finish that one soon. Again, thank you for reading my blog.

A few months ago, I shared publicly my Disney costume collection. Since then, I have gained two great pieces to my collection. Before I talk about those pieces, I want to say that I never imagined getting to this point. The only piece I ever wanted was Mickey's gloves. The rest of the pieces I've received is because of pure blessing and the success of this blog.

My humble ensemble of character costumes, 2016

Before I started collecting, I mainly focused on puppetry and puppetry related activities. When I was 15, using my puppet building skills, I made a Mickey head. At this point, I still had my childhood passion for Disney, but I was focused on puppetry and decided to ignore my Disney passion. Sadly, I lost this head over time. I only made the head, I made no attempts to make the rest of the costume.

My Mickey head, made in March of 2011

Skip towards to 2014, when I purchased my pair of Mickey gloves. Later that year, I made an attempt at making a replica Minnie dress and bow. Keep in mind, this is before I obtained the authentic dress.

My replica Minnie dress and bow, January of 2015

My authentic Minnie dress, with the gloves, 2016

Shortly after posting on my blog about my costume collection, I've received two great pieces. I given the opportunity of purchasing Mickey's black jacket. The jacket is from 2009, either from Disneyland or Disney World. The tag doesn't say, but it was made in USA. The jacket is in excellent condition and has little to no wear and tear. I thank the seller for selling the jacket to me.

Mickey's jacket with the bowtie and gloves, 2016
(btw, I only have one pair of Mickey gloves)

In late May of this year, I was able to obtain an authentic Goofy outfit. I've owned a Goofy tuxedo outfit before, but not his traditional, classic outfit. I got a vintage orange shirt, a vest, his pants and suspenders. Using pieces from the tuxedo collection, I was able to finish the outfit. Only thing is that I have black Goofy shoes, not brown ones, and I'm missing the piece that gives Goofy his belly and, obviously, his head. Sadly, I'm a tad too short for Goofy, but I don't mind. It's an honor and a dream come true wearing this amazing costume, even though it doesn't fit me well.

Me posing af the goof, 2016

I don't know where is my collection going to take me next. I'm open for anything the universe wants to bring me. Hopefully this blog will help others who also love costumes. I honestly don't consider myself a collector, I just happen to have these pieces. There are some pieces that I would like to add to the collection; like Minnie's bow, shoes and bloomers, I'll take even her eyelashes! My goal with this collection is to eventually own an authentic Disney character head. Even if the head is badly aged damaged or missing a few pieces here and there. Head or no head, I enjoy having my collection.

"Gawrsh! Where's me head?"