Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Never Ending Disneyland Auction

Van Eaton Galleries just finished their Disneyland auction called "Souvenirs of Disneyland." This is the fourth auction of a series of Disneyland themed auctions. As some of my readers may know, I attended the first one held on February of 2015. I made plans to visit this one, but the friend that was traveling with me canceled, and I don't like traveling alone.

Unlike the previous two Disneyland auctions, this one had lots of character costumes, even a head! The auction featured the following items: two character costume manuals, one from Disneyland and one from Disney World, Chip/Dale feet, Pooh feet, Jiminy Cricket jacket, a Bee belonging to Pooh, a monkey head and a Maleficent head piece. There were other items, but these caught my attention.

The auction is now over, but I'll describe each item individually and share my personal thoughts.

Lot 128: "Getting to Know the Disney Characters" Manual. Sold for $425
This manual was used in the 1970's for Disneyland's character department.

Lot 129: Chip & Dale Feet. Sold for $125
One pair of feet used for Chip and/or Dale. These are just shoe covers and did not came with the shoes needed to wear and perform the character feet. I own a pair of this style of feet. Mine are a little more worn than the auctioned pair, but mine came with the shoes and matching gloves.

Lot 130: Winnie the Pooh Feet. Sold for $150
A pair of feet used for the 90's version of Pooh at Disneyland. Like the Chip/Dale feet, these are just shoe covers and did not came with the performing shoes.

Pooh's feet, pictured for the auction. Credit

Lot 131: Jiminy Cricket Jacket. Sold for $400
The auction states that this jacket belongs to Jiminy Cricket, they're wrong. This jacket, made in the 90's at Disneyland, belongs to Mickey Mouse. I know this because I own a Mickey jacket and it matched perfectly to the one being auctioned. Also, with my knowledge of Disney character costumes, Jiminy never worn a jacket similar to this one. I guess if the gallery had the proper information, they would have advertised it as Mickey's and have sold it for more money. Plus, my jacket is in way better condition than this one.

The wrongly labeled "Jiminy" jacket, pictured for the auction. Credit

Lot 132: Winnie the Pooh Bee Costume Accessory. Sold for $3,250
A bumble bee prop used for Pooh throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's. When ever these bees show up for sale, via a special auction or on eBay, they always sell for high prices. This bee sold, was in near mint condition, compared to other bees sold in the past.

Lot 618: Dancing Monkey Head from Fantasmic! Sold for $2,500
This monkey head was used in the Hollywood Studios (Disney World) version of Fantasmic! The head appears to be in good condition, only some scratches on the mouth and snout. I had in mind bidding on this item, but I didn't. Mainly because I wanted to see the head in person before any type of bidding. I wasn't able to visit the gallery, so I never saw the head up close and personal.

The neon Monkey Head, pictured for auction. Credit

Lot 787: Maleficent Costume Headpiece. Sold for $950
A headpiece belonging to the Maleficent costume.

Lot 1031: "The Care and Feeding of the Disney Charterers" Manual. Sold for $350
A character costume manual used in Disney World during the 70's. This is a piece I would like to add to my costume collection. Sadly, I didn't bid on the item. That's a shame because I could have got it for a low price, unless the other person starts a bidding war.

The Character Manual (the one I want), pictured for the auction. Credit

Are we going to have a fifth Disneyland auction in Spring or Summer 2017? Who knows. If they do, I hope more costumes show up. If you want to know more about this Disneyland auction, you can visit icollector.com to view the lots and visit vegalleries.com to view the catalog and the released prices.

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