Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Minnie Auction

I can't believe I've missed this. Last December, Profiles in History had a Disneyana auction and on that auction they had Lot 499: Minnie Mouse bloomers, bow and shoes. It sold for $650. Man, I missed out. With my dress, I could had have a nearly full Minnie outfit.

Here's the link to the catalog page (see page 141.) Click here

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mickey Vest & Pants

I was able to purchase Mickey's vest and his pants recently.

The Mickey suit and Minnie's dress

The Mickey vest I got is not his traditional white vest. It's a dull gold vest that Mickey would use during weddings, meaning, I have Mickey's wedding vest. The vest and shirt are together one piece. The shirt is built and worn like a bib. The piece also came a matching bow tie. Now I have two Mickey bow ties, his yellow one and the wedding one. The vest is missing part of a button. It was made in 2009 and comes from Disney World.

Mickey's wedding outfit

Follow up to the vest are Mickey's traditional red pants. They were made in 2007 and are from Disney World as well. The pants are in great condition, only minor wear and a small pen mark on the right leg. The big white buttons on the pants don't match. One is bigger than the other and one is painted and the other is not. The pants are made out of stretchy gabardine with no lining and the shade of red on the pants don't match the red on Minnie's dress.

Since I already have Mickey's jacket and gloves, I have a nearly completed Mickey set. All I'm missing are the shoes, the under-body and his head. Any spares out there?

Goofy's vest next to Mickey's

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Disney World Trip, January 2017

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting Walt Disney World. I was planning this trip since last summer. It was a dream come true, because the last time I visited Disney World was in August of 2005; 11 1/2 years ago. That's a super long time gap, especially for a Disney fan like myself. Now that I've entered adulthood, I don't have to rely on my parents to make big plans like this. Now I'm free to do as I please (with their permission of course.)

The main purpose of this trip was to meet Mickey and Minnie, before they get permanently replaced by the new versions. I'm surprised that Disney World is still using 90's Mickey and Minnie for meet n greets instead of the new ones. My plan was to hunt down Mickey and Minnie and take my picture with them. I wasn't worried or cared about the rides or attractions. I park hooped, first I went to Epcot, then Hollywood (MGM) Studios and Magic Kingdom last.

I loved interacting with the characters and loved noticing the little imperfections and flaws in the costumes them self, especially the heads. I'm including a link to my Flickr album full of pictures of my trip. Click Here

Mickey Mouse: Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

Mission accomplished! I was able to meet Mickey before the update! I met Mickey at Epcot, Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios and Robo Mickey at Magic Kingdom. I was mega happy to see my childhood Mickey. When I met Mickey at Epcot, I told the character attendant that after we were done, I would like to recreate a picture from 2005. She was more than happy to help. After I got his autograph and pictures, the cast member told me to get on my knees and told Mickey how to pose for the reenactment picture. I felt like a kid. When we were done, the cast member showed the 2005 picture to Mickey and he told me that I have grown. Also, Mickey played a little game with me by hiding my pen under his vest. He was a true pal. I noticed that Mickey was a bit shorter and a bit slimmer than what I remembered. Almost resembling 70's Mickey, which was short and slim. But is you ask me, this made Mickey even cuter. 

Meeting Robo, Talking Mickey was interesting. While in line, Mickey spoke Portuguese and Spanish with guests. But I couldn't hear Mickey speaking Spanish clearly because Brazilians in line kept talking, loudly. Also while in line, I was studying Robo Mickey and learned a few things. I might write a post about it. When it was my turn to meet him it was awesome and awkward. Awesome because Mickey was "talking" to me and awkward because I would ask questions like "May I take a selfie with you?" and Mickey would just stare at me. I would be standing there waiting for a response and Mickey wouldn't response or blink. After that, Mickey escorted me to the exit, which was nice of him to do.

Before and after!

Pluto, Chip and Dale: Epcot and Hollywood Studios

I met Pluto at Epcot. When I got in line to meet him, Pluto had to leave and the attendant said he'll be return in about 15 minutes. As soon as he said that, many people left the line and suddenly I became third in line to meet him. He was such a playful pup. While meeting Pluto, I noticed his tag and told Pluto "If found please return to Donald Duck?" As soon as I said that Pluto shook his head no playfully.

I found Chip and Dale at Hollywood Studios, near the entrance of Red Carpet Dreams. When I met them, I told Chip that Dale said he was stinky and I told Dale that Chip said the he was nuts. It was funny seeing them react to that. I also noticed that Dale had a glittery sticker stuck to his hand from a previous guest. I gently pulled it of and told Dale "Is this from your secret admirer?" I couldn't help and noticed that Chip and Dale's hands are a bit larger than my pair of Chip/Dale gloves. Maybe they enlarged the pattern over the years.

Donald Duck: Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

Even though I'm not a big fan of Donald, I truly enjoyed meeting him multiple times. I first met Donald at the Mexican pavilion at Epcot. It was nice meeting him, but it was a bit awkward because his huge sombrero kept hitting my face and I had to squat down to meet him. I also noticed that Mexican Donald had glue stains* around his eyes. Later, I met him at Hollywood Studios at Sid's Porch. This Donald was very happy to see me kept hugging me and high five-ing me. Lastly, I met Donald at Pete's Silly Sideshow. This Donald was fun to interact with and he showed me his spinning eyes snakes. All three Donalds showed me that he was number 1.

*Glue stains are small remnants of glue due to the building process of a piece, in this case Donald's head.

Daisy Duck: Epcot and Magic Kingdom

The very first character I met that day. I know its silly, but I got star-strucked while meeting Daisy at Epcot. Mainly because Daisy is one of my favorites and this was my first time meeting a Disney character in 11 1/2 years! The last time I saw Daisy in person was on Disney on Ice in 2006. While meeting her at Epcot, I noticed a few things. First, she was short. A short performer was portraying her at that moment. Second, her costume. Her shoes were bigger than I expected and her dress was a bit worn out. Third, while hugging her, I could feel layers of clothes that made up the costume. I'm guessing because of these layes, (this) Daisy didn't move that much. It was as she was stiff or the performer had difficultly moving freely. Other than that, meeting Daisy was amazing. Hopefully in the future I could include pieces of her costume to my collection. 

I also met Daisy in her Gypsy costume at Magic Kingdom. She was a bit more active than Epcot Daisy. Had plenty of fun meeting and interacting with her, but the cast member taking our picture with my phone didn't do the greatest job. She actually got distracted while taking our pic. It was disappointing seeing these semi-good pictures of me and Gypsy Daisy. At the end of the day, I thought of getting back in line to get a better picture, but I was dead tired and my phone was nearly dead. The memory of us meeting is good enough, I guess.

Minnie Mouse: Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

Neither fat nor skinny, she's the horse's whinny, she's my little Minnie Mouse! Minnie is my all time favorite and meeting her, three times that day, was mind blowing! I was able to meet her in her iconic polka-dot dress, in her Hollywood gown and in her pink circus outfit. All of them did a great job interacting with me, but Hollywood Minnie was the best. She hugged me about four times, showed me her silver shoes and her "real" diamond bracelet and meeting her felt like a personal, intimate moment. Also, I noticed that Epcot Minnie had her bow off centered on her head. The collector in me wanted to reach out and fix it, but guests aren't allowed to mess around with the character's costume. It's ok, because when I have my own Minnie head, I'll place the bow however I want. 

Goofy: Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

Two goofs of feather goof together. Meeting Goofy and interacting with him was beyond words. Goofy is my Disney spirit animal and one of my top three favorites. Each time I met Goofy, the performers partying him would outdo themselves. Hollywood Studios Goofy stole my heart. I hugged him, feeling the softness of his outfit I told him "Oh Goofy, I wish I could take you home with me." Right then he grabbed my hand and started walking off with me; until the cast member told Goofy to please return to his spot. Its little moments like that, that make the character interactions extra special. Meeting Goofy at Magic Kingdom was unique. When I met him, he pantomimed the story of how he crashed his motorbike. That filled my heart my joy. While meeting Goofy, I wasn't thinking of costumes or whatnot, I was thinking that I was going to see my good-ol' best friend. And that's how it felt like. 

Some additional notes. When I arrived at the Magic Kingdom, I arrived just in time to see Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire. Meaning, I was able to see 90's and the new versions of Mickey and Minnie that day. Being honest, new Mickey looked great but Minnie looked weird to me. I got autographs from all the characters I met and was interesting seeing the various different signatures of each character. I got 17 autographs total. I ate at the Magic Kingdom at Gaston's Tavern. I got LeFou's Brew and a ham and cheese pretzel sandwich. It was decently priced.