Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Sunday, February 5, 2017

My 10 Favorite Minnie Dresses

I'll be mentioning my top 10 favorite Minnie Mouse dresses. On this list, Minnie's red polka dot dress will not mentioned because that's her classic dress and I want fair game for everyone. Enjoy!

10. 25th Anniversary Disneyland Paris Dress

Fresh on this list is Minnie's dress for Disneyland Paris' 25th anniversary. This is a fairly recent dress. When I saw the dress, I was full of excitement. Minnie looks beautiful and magical with the blue dress. I like that the dress belongs to the new version of Minnie and she's using her traditional shoes; not the Daisy's. Maybe I'll have to fly down to Paris and go see Minnie wearing this dress in person. I also love the stars on the dress.

9. 2016 Rock the Dots Dress

Ironic that the featured dress of Rock the Dots didn't have any dots. Disney hosts an event each year called "Rock the Dots" where they celebrate polka dots in fashion and the polka dot queen, Minnie Mouse. For the 1st annual Rock the Dots, designer Christian Siriano created a dress that was featured on the event. He created a plain pink dress, with many various sized bows attached to the garment. Each bow had rhinestones sewn into it. She also had bows on the back of her shoes. I like this dress for many reasons; first it's unique and different. Second, I love when fashion designers, like Siriano, design dresses for Minnie. Third, Minnie has bows all over, except her head. It might not have any polka dots, but it has the Minnie vibe and spirit in it. 

8. Minnie's Red (Tango) Dress

I'm a huge Disney on Ice fan. Feld Entertainment has created many beautiful costumes and garments for their productions of Disney on Ice. The Disney costumes created for the ice shows have to be altered and customized, from their original pattern, for the skaters' performance. This makes those costumes unique and rare to come by. I have a collection of Disney on Ice programs, where I can study the costumes from each show. Out of all the Minnie dresses I've seen from Feld, this is my favorite. It's a simple red dress, its briefly used in a scene in Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic where Mickey and Minnie introduce Beauty and the Beast. They recently updated the show and I'm unaware if Minnie still appears wearing this dress. I personally call this dress Minnie's red tango dress. Because it resembles a typical tango dress and plus, Minnie holds a rose in the scene.

7. Tokyo Toontown Pink Dress

Tokyo Disneyland is the most creative out of all the parks when it comes to the character's wardrobe. I think its due to Tokyo Disney not being owned by Disney, and that allows for more creativity without corporate interfering. It was difficult choosing a dress from Tokyo Disney because all of Minnie's dresses from this park are amazing and beautiful. I had to go with Minnie's pink dress from Toontown. The dress represents Japanese cartoon fashion, featured on an American character. The colors of the dress are beautiful and makes Minnie look bubbly. This dress debuted in the late 90's and its exclusively at Tokyo Disneyland. Its a Japanese outfit that screams "Minnie Mouse!"

6. Yuletide Winter Dress

Screens shots from "Here Comes Santa Claus" video

On a Christmas version of Sing Along Songs, the song "Here Comes Santa Claus" comes up. The song was shown featuring a Disneyland Christmas parade. In that parade, 80's Mickey and Minnie appear skating on a float wearing light blue winter outfits. As a kid, I remember this scene very clearly and loved the way they looked. Even though the scene only lasts seconds, the image of Mickey and Minnie stayed engraved in my young mind. I love Minnie when she wears any type of winter or holiday outfits, but this is one is my favorite. Minnie first debut this dress in a tv special called "A Magic Kingdom Yuletide Special" in 1985 and later on the Disneyland Christmas parade in 1986. She wore this dress until 1988, when the dress got replaced my a similar, navy blue one. I also love the fact that Minnie wears white shoes with this dress, I love Minnie when she wears white shoes.

5. Million Dreams Silver & Blue Dress

This outfit was made for Disney World's Year of a Million Dreams in 2006. Minnie wears a blue bodice with light blue sleeves and skirt with silver touches. The outfit was used at Disney World, Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. I think they still use this dress today, correct me if I'm wrong. 

4. 60th Anniversary Disneyland Dress

This dress was created for Disneyland's 60th Anniversary. I love this dress because is very sparkly and the way it was designed and built. The dress was created using white sequin fabric covered with red chiffon with added rhinestones. The jewels on the neck line look stunning. She also wears red shoes covered with glitter. It's a shame that I wasn't able to see this dress in person. Hopefully she'll appear again wear this dress, but with the new Minnie look.

3. Spring Dress

During spring time at Disneyland Paris, Minnie wears a beautiful spring outfit. The dress is made out off four different types of fabric patched together. The color scheme is blue and yellow. This style of dress give Minnie a vintage, classic look. I can't imagine how much time it took making this dress. Stitching each patch of fabric together. Overall, this dress is a work of art. Minnie wears yellow shoes with the dress, but sometimes wears blue shoes.

2. Red Carpet Dreams Minnie

Minnie and I at Hollywood Studios, 2017

Minnie wears a beautiful white gown at Red Carpet Dreams at Hollywood Studios. White is one of my favorite colors and white looks great on Minnie. I like the little bow she wears on her head and the long sleeve gloves. I was able to meet her and while she was signing my autograph book I asked her if the diamonds on her bracelet were real and she nodded yes. I guess Mickey bought it for her. Minnie just looks dashing with this dress.

Special Mentions: White & Gold Princess Dress

Minnie at Disney on Ice, 2016. Photo by me

I want to mention that in 2008, I went to Disney on Ice and at the end of the show, I was able to shake Minnie's hand at the edge of the ice rink. She was wearing this dress. This was significant because this was the first time I greeted Minnie and the last time I saw her until 2015. Last November, I went to Disney on Ice and on the finale of the show, Minnie appear wearing that very same dress. This time, I couldn't run to the rink and greet her, but I saw her again.

1. Main Street USA Dress

Screens shots from Disneyland Fun, video

My very favorite Minnie dress is the dress she wore in "Walking Down Main Street USA" in Disneyland Fun. The home video Disneyland Fun was a huge influence in my childhood and watched it constantly. To this day, I still watch it frequently. This was my gateway drug to loving the Disney characters. I always found Minnie in this segment beautiful. She wears a white dress with blue polka dots, red shoes, red bow, a red bow going around her waist and a red ribbon going around the lace of the bloomers. With all of my research, I can't find Minnie wearing this dress anywhere else or find 80's Minnie wearing it. I think that she only wore this dress for this segment or a show that I haven't found yet. I love this dress because is close to my heart and childhood, and reminds me of why I love the costumed charters at Disney.

Whats your favorite Minnie dress?
How many times Minnie was mentioned?

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