Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Daisy Shoes

In the past year, Disney has made numerous changes and alterations to many character costumes. Like an articulated version of Pluto and Clarabelle Cow, a new Beast costume and new versions of Mickey and Minnie. The costume department also made a major change involving Minnie's and Clarice's shoes. These ladies now share the same shoe style as Daisy Duck.

Daisy debuted her own shoe style in 1995, when her costume got redesigned. Prior to this, she wore the same shoes as Minnie's. Daisy's shoes are larger and more rounded compared to Minnie's. I think one reason why they gave Daisy larger shoes than Minnie is because, in theory, Daisy has webbed feet and webbed feet are larger than a mouse's; but in the cartoons, Daisy and Minnie share the same shoe model. In '95, the shoes were yellow and had orange padding at the opening of the shoe to simulate Daisy's webbed feet. Later in 2002, Daisy's costume, once again, got redesigned and her shoes become pink with no orange padding. Now the performer wears orange leggings/stockings with a ring of corset boning at the leg openings. The boning stretches the fabric into the shoe opening creating a seamless look between the character's legs and feet. As of 2017, Daisy has been using her own shoe style for 22 years.

90's Daisy promoting Hong Kong Disneyland, 2005. credit

Current Daisy at Hong Kong Disneyland, 2017. credit

Size comparison of Daisy's shoes 

Clarice debuted in 2005, with her own style of shoes. Her shoes are unique to her, they are long, flat and curvy. What makes her shoes special is their interesting design. Her shoes were designed to look like feet. In the cartoon version, Clarice has no shoes or heels, she spots bare feet with pointed toes. Her shoes resemble that with indentations in the front to give the appearance of toes. In 2016 at Tokyo Disneyland, Clarice started to wear Daisy shoes and became part of her wardrobe, retiring her style of shoes. Clarice now has airbrushed details on her shoes instead of indentations. Clarice used her style of shoes for 11 years.

Clarice wearing Daisy's shoes at Tokyo Disneyland, 2017. credit

Minnie started wearing wearing mascot style heels in 1978. Since then, Minnie has rarely worn Daisy shoes since their debut. On two formal occasions has Minnie worn Daisy shoes. One time at Disney on Ice and another at Disneyland Paris. The same goes to Daisy, sometimes she would wear Minnie shoes. In 2016, Minnie gets redesigned and trades her iconic faux heel shoes for Daisy's. Minnie now wears Daisy shoes, but they have a different finish to them. The sole is thicker and painted black, instead of the sole matching the shoe color. The added red bows hide the curve indentation on the shoes. This style of shoe makes Minnie appear more like her animated counterpart since they have a bigger opening than the previous one. Plus Daisy shoes look more cartoony than Minnie's. I believe Minnie shoes will no longer be manufactured, but she will still wear her iconic shoes on special occasions. She will wear them when wearing a previously worn outfit, since character shoes are stored with the matching outfit. Old Minnie shoes are still in circulation and, as of 2017, she has used them shoe for 39 years.

90's Minnie wearing Daisy shoes at Disneyland Paris, 2010. credit

90's Minnie wearing Daisy's shoes at Disney on Ice, circa 1999

Current Minnie with her new shoes at Hong Kong Disneyland, 2017. credit

Current Minnie wearing her 50th Disneyland Anniversary dress, with old shoes, 2016. credit

Size comparison of Minnie's shoes

A vintage pair of Minnie shoes sold on eBay, 2013

The reasoning behind Disney changing Minnie's and Clarice's shoes to Daisy's must be the following: it's easier for the costume department to build, distribute and maintain one style of shoes. It's cost effective to keep track of three separate shoes styles. Now they have one style in which they can modify and customize for each individual female character. Minnie and Clarice now have to use the same style of leggings/stockings as Daisy to wear the shoes, with each one wearing the appropriate colored leggings for their character. Not to mention, the costume departments have to keep track of dozens of character shoes and this simplifies their job.

In my opinion, the girls look well sharing the same shoe style, but I much prefer the individual ones. That way each character is unique. Minnie looks great with Daisy shoes, but I'll truly miss her old style of shoes. With Clarice, I always thought the "toe" shoes looked weird, but she doesn't look quite right with Daisy shoes. Which shoe style do you prefer?

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