Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Epcot & Animal Kingdom, April 2017

On Earth Day, I was able to travel to Disney World. Like the previous trip, I mainly focused on character hunting than the rides or attractions. On my last trip I met 17 characters, which 5 of them were repeats. This time I met 20 characters and only 3 were repeats. I started at Animal Kingdom then transferred over to Epcot.

At the moment I only have videos of the characters. I'm having some issues downloading the pictures from PhotoPass. Also, some of the videos I recorded using an old phone and the quality of the audio might not be the best.

On Animal Kingdom, I first met Russell from the movie Up and later went to see Mickey and Minnie. I was very exited because I was going to meet both of them at the same time. They look really good in there safari outfits. After that, I went and saw Baloo and King Louie. I was surprised to see how HUGE those costumes were. Baloo had huge hips. As I was hugging Baloo, I could feel the rings inside the costume giving him his shape. They were super soft! There was an awkward moment while talking to them, were I said "It was the Queen of England's birthday yesterday" and they both looked at me confused. I mentioned it because King Louie was royalty and I thought he might know her. I guess not. After meeting them, my face was covered with fur. Lastly, I went to Dinoland and met with Goofy and Pluto. Let me just say that Dinoland wasn't very "Disney" themed at all. It looked like something from Coney Island. The line to meet Goofy and Pluto was about a 30 minute wait. Goofy gave me big, strong, long hug, which I enjoyed. The only downside from this visit was that being Earth Day, Jiminy Cricket appeared. I found out about this when I was at the bus stop to Epcot. It was too late by them to go and see him. Oh well, there's always next year.

Meeting the Animal Kingdom characters, video link

After waiting a long 30 minutes for the bus to Epcot, I finally made it! I'll briefly describe my interaction with each character and include the videos so you can see for yourself.

Daisy: Asked Daisy if she could teach me how to pose like a fashion diva and she did. Also, I was playing "touchy-feely" with Daisy's dress and bracelet. I wanted to know how they felt like. And I also pointed out her shoes.

Mickey: Asked him if we could pose like he does at Fantasmic when he's shooting fireworks out of his fingers and if he could wiggle his nose. He did and it was the cutest thing!

Mickey wiggling his nose! video link

Goofy: I asked him "Where's Max?" and told me he was skateboarding.

Minnie: Asked her if she could wiggle her nose, like Mickey, and she playfully replied "no." Even though she couldn't wiggle her nose, I noticed the performer tried to make the nose wiggle but couldn't. At least she tried. But, I've seen a video of Minnie in Disneyland Paris wiggling her nose at a kid; so...

Alice: Asked her if she's seen the White Rabbit and she replied "He turned into an egg." Very curious conversation.

Aurora: Told her that I come from the Kingdom of Texas and that Merryweather turned my shirt blue.

Belle: Talked about flying machines (airplanes.)

Snow White: Talked about gooseberry and green apple pies and how the Prince gets lost in the meadows. 

Anna: This Anna rocks! This was the best character I met that day! She was very interactive and asked me many questions related to the movie. Some of the questions she asked was if I was an ice harvester, if I knew how to speak reindeer and if I liked chocolate covered carrots. She kept me on my toes.

Anna and I speaking reindeer

Elsa: Told her how pretty she looked in her amazing dress.

Baymax, Joy & Sadness: The line of Baymax was super short and the line for Joy and Sadness was super long. Forgot to record Baymax. While in line for meet Joy and Sadness, I heard a dad tell his kid "This is the line to meet the Simpsons."

Mickey, Goofy & Minnie (2nd time): Got in line again, at the end of the day, to meet them one last time and say goodbye. I re-recorded my greet with Mickey because I was unsatisfied with the first video; because the first one was vertical. Goofy recognized me from earlier that day.

Meeting the Epcot characters. video link

Meeting the Epcot face characters, video link

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