Minnie and I

Minnie and I

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Disneyland Auction 5: Shoes & Masks

Just in time for the summer, Van Eaton Galleries has produced their 5th consecutive Disneyland auction, "Walt Disney's Disneyland." Like previous auctions, this auction featured many items from Disneyland. This one focused more on items belonging to Walt Disney and his involvement with the park. I had the opportunity to visit the gallery and see some items in person. The main piece of the auction was a map of Disneyland created in 1953, used as a presentation piece for investors. The auction also includes costume pieces like Minnie Mouse shoes, Old Hag from Snow White mask and Fairy Godmother mask. Here's a link to the photo album.

I'm happy to announce that I will be bidding on some of the items! Wish me luck! I've made a video talking about the upcoming auction.

Lot 217: Disneyland presentation map from 1953

video link

Here are some pictures of the gallery, enjoy!

Lot 369: Toy Soldier head and boots (not pictured)

Lot 190: Gus & Jaq maquettes created by Bill Justice

Lot 239: Minnie Mouse shoes and bloomers (not pictured)

Lot 905: Fairy Godmother mask from Tokyo Disneyland

Lot 831: Old Hag from Snow White mask

Sunday, June 18, 2017

First Time at Disneyland!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity of visiting Disneyland! First time too! Needless to say, it was a dream come true. Disneyland is a truly magical place. I visited the park with my mother. I don't even know how to begin explaining my experience. I can start by saying that Disneyland was smaller than what I expected; at least compared to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Me near Sleeping Beauty Castle

After gazing at the train station and Main Street USA, we headed to the castle. At the castle, I noticed that near the wishing well, Snow White's Evil Queen was there. I took my picture with her. Then we went to Toontown. Along the way we saw the Fairy Godmother and Peter Pan. We met Mickey and Minnie at their houses at Toontown. Meeting Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland was a big moment for me, because I was meeting the new versions of them for the first time. I was mentally ready to examine and study their new wardrobe and heads. Here's what I saw:

The heads look to be constructed the same way the previous ones. Mickey's pants appear to be the same, just with oval buttons and the black lines removed. The shoes look the same. The bow tie is a different style, a more relax look than the previous one. The gloves are still the same, but with new lines. The biggest changes I saw was the vest and jacket. The vest is now made out of cheap looking taffeta and has one large button in the middle, which is a huge eye-sore if you ask me and, in sewing terms, wrong. The vest is built the same way as before. The new jacket is made out of the same material as before, but with a different pattern. His new jacket is a simplified version of the previous one and looks cheap. The previous jacket was designed and built just like a real tuxedo jacket with tails. This new jacket looks cheap and like a jacket off Party City compared to the old one. His old jacket had a secret pocket on the inside, wonder if the one does too.

Minnie's new dress was made out off the same material as her previous one, but with new polka dot pattern. The dress' white timings, collar and waist bow were made out off the same cheap looking taffeta as Mickey's vest. I like Minnie's new look, but her head bow. That bow has to go. She looked great wearing Daisy shoes. I was able to meet Mickey and Minnie twice, once at their houses and later at Town Square. While meeting Minnie at Town Square, I held Minnie's hand to discreetly see what was the material of lines. By what I could see and feel, they where made out of felt. The old one were made out of Velcro (fuzzy side.) Overall, new Mickey and Minnie are as wonderful and magical as the previous ones, despite their new appearance.

Old vs New

Old vs New

Me holding Minnie's hand

After meeting Mickey and Minnie, I noticed that Pluto, Donald, Chip and Dale where playing "duck, duck, goose" with some of the kids present. When the game ended, it was time for them to return backstage. Mickey and Minnie were returning backstage at the same as them and as they were heading backstage I took pictures of their backs. I wanted detailed pictures to study in depth their new costumes. Details hard to catch when you have less than a minute to meet them. While Mickey was heading to the backstage door, some of the performer's blonde hair slipped out the back of the head. Not whole lot, but enough were it was noticeable (at least to me.) I love finding little imperfections in the characters like that.

Shortly after the characters went backstage, something magical happened. I was standing around Town Square and Daisy showed up. It was her time to meet-n-greet with guests. I ran towards her and hugged her. Then she grabbed my hand and started walking with me. I couldn't believe it! I had Daisy all to myself! She took me around Town Square and showed me the different locations, like the flag pole and the fire station. Then we reached her photo location, in front of the train station's stairs. I was mega, mega happy. One of my favorite characters just took me around Town Square!

Pluto, Donald, Chip and Dale playing "duck, duck, goose" with the kids

Minnie and Mickey heading backstage

Goofy at the fire station greeting guests

Daisy and I after our little stroll

I would say that Disneyland is more character friendly than Magic Kingdom at Disney World. When you enter Disneyland you see characters left and right and you can have a personal interaction with them. While at Magic Kingdom the characters don't have that freedom, their meet-n-greet system is setup like an assembly line. Here's a link to my Flickr album filled with pictures from this trip.

video link