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Minnie and I

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Clarabelle & Horace Through the Years 1972- Present (UPDATE)

1972-1973: Disney on Parade
The earliest appearance of Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar was in the 1972 edition of Disney on Parade. They both appear, with Goofy, in their "Orphan's Benefit" outfits. Claraballe appears with a pink face and Horace with a blue face. They both appear wearing five finger gloves.

Clarabelle and Horace on Disney on Parade, 1972

1974-1975: Fantasy on Parade
For this holiday parade, Clarabelle and Horace appeared in their black and white persona. Clarabelle wears a white and gray polka dot dress, with matching apron, a gray bow on her head and has white feet. Sometimes Clarabelle was spotted wearing normal black shoes. Horace has a big check to check grin and wears white overalls with a gray horse collar, black bowtie, white horse bit and gray bowler hat. They both have flesh color faces with black cartoon eyes and wear five fingered gloves. They only appeared on this parade.

Screenshot of Horace and Clarabelle in Fantasy on Parade, 1975. video

Screenshot of an unlisted video

Clarabelle wearing black shoes, credit

1992- 2017: Band Clarabelle and Horace
Clarabelle made her second park appearance in 1992 in "The World According to Goofy," a parade celebrating Goofy's 60th anniversary. She was portraying Cleopatra in the Egypt portion of the parade. After the parade's run, Claraballe appeared next to Daisy Duck in the Christmas parade until 1997. In the 1994-1997 Disney on Ice run of Snow White, Clarabelle Cow appeared as Goofy's love interest. It's uncertain what dress she was wearing on that show. In 1998, Clarabelle and Horace appeared ,along side (rare) Peter Pig, in Viva Magic!, Tokyo Disneyland's 15th anniversary castle show. They appeared for the first time their "Band Concert" uniforms. After the show's run, their band concert outfits became their "traditional" ones. They slowly became meet and greet characters in the late 2000's.

These versions of Clarabelle and Horace are very unique, due to their faces being made of exposed, reticulated foam. This technique is very common in the mascot costume industry. It's used in small portions for vents and material to see through. Instead of the faces being made of a rigid foam-rubber material, like Mickey and Minnie, the whole face of Clarabelle and Horace is made out of reticulated foam. Also the heads don't have short, black fur like the others. The best way to explain their structurally different heads is the following: Clarabelle and Horace weren't designed to be permanent characters. They were created for brief appearances in parades and shows. They were never designed to be meet-n-greet or long running show characters. This explain the simplicity and little attention that went to their head construction and using their band uniforms as main outfits, instead of custom ones. Though through time, they have become popular characters with guests around the world.

Clarabelle used custom shoes, created specifically for her. Another character is known for using the same style of shoes; Winnie Woodpecker from Universal Studios. You can read the entire story here.

Clarabelle's debut on "The World According to Goofy" 1992, credit

Clarabelle, Peter and Horace wearing their band uniforms 1998, video

The couple, 2011. disneyparks.disney.go.com

2016- Present: New Era Clarabelle & Horace
In 2016, a new articulated version of Clarabelle Cow debuted at "Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration" at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. This new head of Clarabelle is based on the animated and cgi versions. Interestingly, the articulated version debuted before the standard stationary version. In November 2017, Clarablle debuted her new look with a new outfit and along side Horace. Both heads of Clarabelle and Horace are no longer made out exposed foam and now have smooth, clean faces like the rest of the rest. Claraballe and Horace lost their band uniforms and got new wardrobes.

Clarabelle's new head now has a smaller muzzle and has conjoined eyes. She has smaller horns, new ears with beige fur for the insides and a bump on her head, like Pluto. For the first time since 1973, she has a tongue again. She no longer has buck teeth and lost her makeup. Claraballe's yellow and red outfit is based on her look from the 1930's. Her skirt is similar to the one she wore in the cartoons. Since in the cartoons she didn't use a top, Claraballe wears a yellow blouse with a white collar resembling the one she used in the cartoons. Her cowbell is smaller and sliver. Instead of the traditional bow, she wears a vintage red box hat, with yellow trim and flower. Clarabelle never used a hat or bow in the cartoons, but her co-star Minnie Mouse did. Her new hat is somewhat based on Minnie's hats from that time period. She tossed her old style of shoes and replaced them with Daisy shoes, an enlarged version of Daisy shoes. She wears large, cow-size Daisy shoes.

Horace's new head is similar to Goofy's. His has smaller set of dentures and, open smile and new tongue. He was skinnier eyes and new eye focus, with eyebrows like before. His ears are pointing up now and has beige fur for the insides. He wears a brown derby hat with green ribbon. Horace now wear a long sleeve red shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and wears blue overalls. His horse collar is smaller and made out of faux leather, with a yellow satin bow tie. Horace's footwear is brown hooves with part of the pants legs rolled up. The newest addition to Horace is the inclusion of his tail. He has a tail, similar to the one on the cartoon, sticking out of his pants. There's a yellow patch with red polka-dots were the tail sticks out.

Debut of Talking Clarabelle at the Magic Kingdom, 2016. credit

Talking Clarabelle's performance at the Magic Kingdom, 2016. video link

Clarabelle Cow at Magic Kingdom, 2017. credit

Clarabelle Cow at California Adventure, 2017. credit

Clarabelle & Horace at Magic Kingdom, 2017. credit

Horace Horsecollar at Magic Kingdom, 2017. credit

Screenshot where Horace's back is visible, source

I'm completely satisfied with their new look. They now blend seamlessly with the rest of the Disney classic characters with their new wardrobe and clean cut faces. Their new design brings one major concern to me. We have witnessed this pattern of Disney redesigning their classic characters; like Mickey, Minnie, Clarabelle and Horace. Now, I'm predicting that the next classic character to get redesigned will be Goofy. The reason behind all of these character redesigns is to make the costume version match the cartoon counterpart. If we take a character like Goofy, his costume version does not match the animated version. Its safe to say that sooner or later, Goofy will be resigned. I hope they don't because I love the current Goofy and I can't picture any other type of Goofy. But, if and when Disney redesigns Goofy, would he have conjoined eyes like Clarabelle or separate eyes like Horace?

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Donald Duck Sailor Suit

After a few payments, I was able to acquire Donald Duck's modern sailor suit. This is my most expensive set in my collection, second being Mickey's. This set included Donald's modern sailor shirt with red bow tie, hands and neck. The vintage body I purchased earlier year. The set also included Donald's hat cover, but not the actual hat piece.

This was a very interesting acquirement. One of my collecting sources contacted me and offered the set. I personally am not a big Donald Duck fan and wasn't too excited with the offer; it was a high ticket price. But I couldn't pass the opportunity to own more Disney characters pieces. All the pieces in my collection share a story and so does Donald's set. What comes to mind when looking at Donald is all the guests that this set greeted. All the autographs Donald signed wearing these gloves/hands; given that the right glove is baldly stained with pen and marker marks.

Overall this set is impressive, one of the finer ones. This also confirms one of my theories about the Donald and Daisy costumes. This set compared to Mickey's, Minnie's and Goofy's, is the largest, heaviest, bulkiest and multi-layered of  them all. Every time I hug Donald or Daisy at the parks, I can feel all the layers of clothing that make up the costume. Now owning these pieces, I can see why I feel what I feel when hugging them.

I would have rather invested the money on a Daisy set (she's my favotite), but Donald is equally as magical. This collecting journey is a journey that keeps me on my toes. I never know whats next. On several occasions people have offered me different costume pieces, but had to pass due to price or not being interested. Most recently, a collector contacted me and offered me a Tigger head. But had to decline, because the price was nearly $10,000. I'm not going broke over a Tigger head. I never meant to collect, all I wanted was Mickey gloves and everything else just followed. I'm not hungry for more pieces, but I would like to complete my Mickey, Minnie and Donald sets and eventually have Daisy's. I have a complete Goofy set, but I'm missing the head. Hopefully when a Goofy head comes my way, I'll be financially sound.

Donald in all of his glory

Donald's sailor jacket

Donald hands and hat cover

Collection of Disney character hands

Mickey, Donald, Minnie and Goofy sets